Infinity in Campaign

i remember when we first found out that Halo 4’s MM will feature a storyline, they did a poll, and a question came up about if the MM story will tie in to campaign. 343 said yes. and now that i think about it, did they just say that the Infinity will be in campaign?
what if the Infinity lands on Requium and Chief finds it?
that could tie in with Spartan Ops too, creating the story of what happens with the Spartan IVs while on Requium. this is just my thoughts. what are yours?

Frankie said that the infinity will cross chiefs path.

According to the most recent GameInformer video on Halo 4, the Infinity will at some point in the Campaign make it to Requiem.

im in infinity now on the computers in here…the chief just walked passed my room…brb

I really hope we get to see an epic space battle cutscene with the Infinity.

err my post disappeared. Anyway the captain, Andrew Del Rio, Must be a big shot to be captain of such an important ship. I bet his name is just a cover… like hes Cole or a spartan 2 or somthing…