Infinity Challenge and Cheaters

Hey 343!!! How about you check out the stats and game history of 1st place tier 1 in the Infinity Challenge. This is an epic fail of a contest. This kids friends are lining up for him to kill them so he can rack up as many points and wins as fast as
possible. Going in to a game with a party of eight should not be allowed. I don’t know if it’s ok to post his gamer-tag or not
so I won’t but just try to check it out before it gets updated. A K/D of 34.45 and 166 victories and 10 losses. You can see in the history that the losses are when he played with random players. Hell he went 0 kills, 25 deaths, and 2 assists in one game. This is such a joke!!! There I’m done I had my rant.

The powers that be that are in charge of the Infinity Challenge are aware of issues and will handle it on their own. This is not necessary and is borderline calling out, please don’t do it again.