Infinity Challange Issue

When I search for my GT on the Spartan Ops leaderboards it says its not there. But im on the war games one. I have been playing spartan ops for 2 days and almost 3 days straight now. Im still not up there.

Same here. I checked to make sure I registered. It says I have. I looked at my Game History, played 80-so games of Spartan Ops. They fixed the Leaderboards games completed, I looked, and I should be 9th or 10th place, but I’m not because the website isn’ putting me up there.

I’m going to give the site a week to put me up there. Gotta be patient. But after that, I’m really going to get upset. I’m supposed to be in the top 10, but the Leaderboards isn’t showing me, which is some real Yoink! right there.

Doesn’t the leaderboards update daily? So if you played x amount of games today wouldn’t they show up tomorrow?

Same with mine has anyone figured it out yet?

Having the same issue as many of you. I played plenty of Slayer games and can’t find my GT. Weird because there are cats in last place with 4 points so I know I have to be in there somewhere. I’m guessing the midnight thing is the issue, so I’ll check later.