Infinite's reputation is utterly ruined

Removing crossplay would instantly make the game much more palpable. Adding a few maps, even if they are recycled classic maps would boost nostalgia and add variety. Removing buy to customize armor would also be nice. Simple things that could be done to salvage the game are ignored but hey maybe they’re working on fixing the lag, hacking, etc. issues?

i think make it a option to turn off is much better and friendly for some players then remove it compleet.
since there are still people that wane play the game with there friends that are on the diffrend platform.

fixing with the lag it can and the other problems.
but fixing the hacking problem is something i not belive since thats something no developer can fix at all.
the only option that can deal a hard blow if the multiplayer not was free to play but like it has been always a Pay To Play version then there can block the game it self from then for playing any multiplayer at all if there was hard proof from hacking.

I like the weapons’ feeling, but it so dependant on a terrible network, that even that get ruined. No amount of contents can resolve the issue until a proper fix is deployed, and before that, I can’t honestly advise any friend to join me in this suffering.

People keep saying the core gameplay is good.

I don’t believe so. To a certain extent, but no collision, people still phasing through each other hurts the core gameplay immensely in my opinion. Especially when close quarters and melee is staple gameplay.

How many times do grenades need to bounce?!! Grenades are so inconsistent in this game. It’s so bloody frustrating. The gameplay is still buggy and choppy movement, and I’m playing on the series S.

Still no ranked Team Slayer playlist.

Sorry, but this game is half baked, with core features removed that should not have been removed.


Indeed. 343 created a fanbase so starved for actual halo that infinite’s pretty terrible relief created a honeymoon effect where people thought it was amazing.

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to me it felt like the reviews of the event were fake and over hyped practically as advertisement to try to get some people to play it


What reputation? I thought this game was released a late April Fools joke???

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It’s a shame really. The game was sooo hyped and only to turn out to be a cash grab.


Forge will save this game
Mark my words :wink:

it’ll make up for the lack of maps once people start creating but i don’t think it’ll save the game all by itself.

fixing the long list of outstanding bugs will go a long way to repairing some of the damage.


Sorry what bugs?
Im a bit outdated on the game

I can still find my old friends who refused to come back after reach, after 4, after 5. Never gave infinite or anything after their respective last halo game a chance. They literally just laugh on discord or whatever when we are in group and they see some of us playing infinite or mcc.

Can’t blame them though given what’s happened. Halo gets just lol or wut reactions from many people young enough to miss the 360 era. The flagship franchise is largely a joke.

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“Sorry what bugs”??? XD. Desync, mainly. Like how in your perspective, you’ve ducked behind cover, but since the game’s servers are being slow, your enemies still see you as out in the open, and kill you. From where you are, it appears that you’ve been shot through a wall. Many other issues come with desync, but that’s a big one.


I couldn’t agree with this more.

Halos always been my favourite franchise and I was super excited for infinite and its potential but it’s all been totally ruined and I don’t think Halo will recover now.

Infinite had the chance to bring halo back into the spotlight but it’s just done the opposite

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