Infinite's reputation is utterly ruined

343 had 6 years to make this game and at launch, after a year delay, there was barely any content there, and the f2p model really hurt the game. Flash to 10 months later, and we still barely have content, and by March we still won’t have much. It’s so obvious the game needed another 2 years of development, yet it seems the studio seriously struggles to make any content for this game. Outside of the Halo fandom, the gaming community sees Infinite as nothing but an utter failure, and further driving the once enormous and acclaimed Halo series into irrelevance. I seriously don’t see the winter update or season 3 bringing many back. The game’s reputation is utterly ruined at this point, and I don’t see it making a comeback. It’s heartbreaking this is where we’re at.


Iv’e gone back to GTA V, at least there is decent weather changes, I sill play infinite occasionally, just feel disappointed as core gameplay is great, just lack of content for so long really did it harm, I’ll play again when forge / progression comes


Microsoft won’t step in and clean up 343. They don’t care.


has MCC at launch also not got a bad reputation with the broken matchmaking what was good broken and achievements that not wane unlock and some more things.
and years later people call it a good game and has a good repuation more thanks to the fixes it got.
sure it took long but its now a good game people call it more.

that was something we know all from the start that the F2P model was making the game more worse with the lot off worse effect’s you get from it then the good effect’s from it.


Something I don’t understand is that the maps, new weapon and bubble shield are already ready to go and working. Yet they won’t release them until months later, why are they holding content that is ready to go when Halo: Infinite is declining due to a content drought?

These developers are lazy sacks IMO. No offense to them but if you don’t want to do your job and can"t do it. Why do you have that job in the first place…


They even said they didn’t want to withhold content that is ready to go. Guess that isn’t true either.


That’s another lie from 343. That alongside the coop splitscreen being canned.


Sort of, but the game being left it a bad state for five+ years resulted in a lot of people just sort of… Ignoring it. There’s a difference between No Man’s Sky getting substantial updates that fundamentally changed the game, resulting in more players flooding in, and 343 making the game playable in its default state.

For as much love as MCC gets in discussion, the player numbers just aren’t that high.

now the compleet game is not in a bad state.
the only thing what is in a bad state is the multiplayer and there not fixing the multiplayer good by take care of the big problems more.

and MCC back at launch was good broken with the multiplayer and campaing broken good.

but its still not worse then Cod vanguard what stay compleet broken and never gets fix at all.

the split screen co-op was something you can know all that it was never comming since look at the game’s since the xbox one release no other game after the xbox one has split screen Co-Op its has all become more online Co-Op.
the day’s you can trow a Lan Party at your home and play split screen Co-Op are all gone.

It’s more like “Halos reputation is utterly ruined”, after 4 release fails.


assuming it had a good reputation to begin with, it’s been a meme since it was showcased.

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I felt like halo infinites cash grab monopolistic trash approach was a precursor to their plans with their future games with buying up all these studios


The thing is though…what if Microsoft ruins their acquisitions too?

Halo 5 came out in 2015 , infinite 2021.

But no.

Halo 5 was supported with new maps, modes, armor etc. For 3-4 of that.

Than covid happened, during its development.

Infinite needs work yes but it wasn’t made in 6 years.

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Except Halo 4’s release DIDN’T FAIL! Hell I’m gonna say it once again, the Halo Community, namely the 343 haters and purists hate anything that isn’t Halo 3. People say “Halo 4 isn’t Halo it’s just CoD.” It’s not, it really is not. Halo 4 and Halo 5 are both EQUALLY as Halo as 3 and Reach.

Halo is not ONE single design style or set of mechanics. Yes 4 and 5 are not CLASSIC Halo, but in all honesty Classic Halos time is done. Mario and Zelda go through CONSTANT core changes and remain hyper popular to this day. One could argue BoTW isn’t a Zelda game because of its mechanics but it IS a Zelda game regardless of the Mechanics, the same can be said for Halo 4 and 5.

EDIT: Just realized you said “4 release fails” and not “4’s release fails” my bad went cross-eyed, my point still stands though. Halo is not bogged down by one single set of mechanics or playstyle.


Don’t let Activision touch Halo at any capacity. Diablo Immotal remember?


It doesn’t matter if h5 continued getting updates the new game goes into development he moment the current is released or it goes soon after

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Plus didn’t dataminers find out that all of Halo 5’s updates were ready day 1 and just locked behind timers or something? I seem to recall most if not all of the update content was ready day 1 but withheld to artificially extend the games lifespan, I think we aren’t seeing that with Infinite, Infinite had no plan, no back up plan, and no roadmap, it’s a disaster in every meaning of the word.

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No problem. Dont worry about the cross-eyed part. But i still gotta say, i am not a 343 nor Halo nor anything hater. But i have my own point of view as many others. And the majority was just not happy with Halo 4 either. Hater or not. It is just a fact. Halo 4 was really not thought out well. It could have been though. Spartan Ops for example was hella fun for me. But did not lead to anything and they just abondened it after a while. And many more points.

The major problem that i see, and have, with all the 343 Halo projects is, that they always change things for the sake of changing them. Apparently without thinking about the community. But thats, like i said, just my point of view.