Infinite's Firefight should work like StarCraft 2's Coop mode

I love Halo’s PvE content, but while I replayed every campaign many times, I never hooked up on Firefight. Wave modes are just boring and repetitive to me. But after falling again into StarCraft 2 and playing a ton of Coop, I really want to see a similar mode for Halo. So how would it work ?

Instead of being a wave mode, Firefight should be a “best of” Halo missions (from every game), reworked for shorter play (15-20 minutes) and designed for Infinite’s gameplay (movement, weapons, equipments and why not personal AIs). It can even be linked to Halo’s narrative, with Spartan Commander Agryna in briefings.

A few examples:

  • Truth and Reconciliation: infiltrate an enemy ship/facility and free UNSC forces held prisoners.

  • Silent Cartographer: land on a beach, get inside a Forerunner facility to gather data, and go back to the surface.

  • The Maw: infiltrate a crashed UNSC ship, reach its engine room to detonate its core, then rush to the hangar to grab a ship and escape.

  • Exodus/New Alexandria: Support UNSC forces in an sieged city and help the evacuation.

  • Shutdown: fly from tower to tower to gather data

Then you have the enemies you’re gonna face. Either we always face the Banished and have a second enemy faction in certain mission, or if new factions from Campaign DLC are interesting enough, then they can stand on their own. But here’s what I’m expecting Infinite to have in a couple years:

  • Banished (Brute leaders)

  • Covenant Remnants (Elite leaders)

  • Sentinels / Prometheans

  • Flood

And of course, optional Skulls to add variety.

Another interesting element: thanks to its amazing map editor, StarCraft 2 added several fan-made coop missions to its official rooster. If Infinite’s Forge is advanced enough and allows for PvE content, then it’s easy to imagine that the same thing could happen here.

As for monetization and progression, it would be a perfect way to let PvE players unlock their Battle Pass tiers. Just copy and paste the PvE challenges from MCC and it would be perfect.

I had a similar idea of a PvE objective based mode, but it was with a lot more players, lol.

I think Firefight should remain the same but another PvE mode would be welcomed with open arms