Infinite's Bundles and Kits

The “Kits” feature has a lot of potential as a customization option for many Spartans, I feel it was just executed incorrectly. They should work more like “Bundles” do, by allowing us to use individual pieces from the “Kit” to customize our Spartans and weapons. The HCS Bundles are a prime example of the issue I have with this system.

When you buy one of the HCS bundles, you get an Armor Kit, a Weapon Kit, and a nameplate. The problem is, the items contained in the Kit get unequipped when you try to alter it. For example, the SSG armor coating (my personal favorite.) can’t be used on my Mk VII armor, without using the Kit, which seems extremely restrictive.

I’m a new user so I can’t upload photos yet, but the Kit comes with the base Mk VII armor, along with the coating, the Mk VII helmet, the Mk VII shoulder pieces, a visor, and an emblem to put on your armor. I understand restricting the kit’s contents because three of those items are on the season 1 battle pass, one of which (the helmet), is very close to the end. So allowing users to use individual pieces from these Kits would allow them to skip through the battle pass, or just out right avoid buying it if they just wanted those items. So here’s my counter to that problem.

Only allow users to use individual items from Kits, if they have all of the ‘Alternate-source’ pieces unlocked. Here is an example: I want to use the SSG coating on my Mk VII armor at BP level 60. I have both of the shoulder pieces, but not the helmet, so I wouldn’t be able to use the individual pieces from the Kit yet. But when I hit tier 96, not only am I unlocking the Mk. VII helmet, but I’m also unlocking access to all of the individual pieces in that HCS bundle, seeing as how it was the last ‘Alt-source’ piece in said bundle. This is also another way to encourage players to grind through the battle pass.

This is reinforced by the Kits you get from the battle pass for all of the Noble team members, seeing as how most of the Kits are unlocked after you unlock all of the contained armor pieces.

In addition to this, I think Kits should also work as a way to save personal configurations of customized armors and weapons. It would be very easy to implement (at least for the UI, I know this stuff is difficult to add) and would be welcomed by a lot of players. Other games, like Call of Duty, have done this with their Weapon Kits, and I think it has a place in Infinite’s ambitious armor customization.

I think this suggestion allows for players to get the customization they desire from armor kits, while not entirely impeding on the marketing theme for the In-Game store. Thanks for reading!

I know this doesn’t work in all scenarios, which is why this is just spit-balling an idea. Not everything in this has to be implemented for Kits to improve.