Infinitely stuck in Campaign after Pelican Down mission (XSS)

Hey guys,

I’ve been greatly enjoying the campaign so far ( fantastic art, sound and gunplay ), bar some minor gripes ( voice-acting, writing, cut-scene performance ). My enjoyment came to a sudden end though. Hopefully I missed something and it’s my own fault, but here is what happened:

Yesterday night I completed the Pelican Down mission. At the end of the cutscenes the Pelican is in front of you, ready for take-off. I decided against hopping onboard as twas time for bed and closed down the game. Today I boot the game again, but then realizing I shouldn’t boot it through quick resume as the devs warned me against doing so.

So I shut the game down again from the title menu and rebooted it from the games library. When I was back in the game, I was at the location where the Pelican Down mission ended but the Pelican wasn’t there anymore!?
The menu says I need to make for the Sequence mission, but I obviously can’t get off this part of Zeta Halo without the Pelican?

… HELP!? …

Selecting ‘restart mission’ fixed this. But I did miss out on the cutscene :confused:

I had the exact same issue as you.

Very easily repeatable bug. Missing something upon reload.

You miss a fairly important bit of cutscene too. See below

Warning! → Link contains spoilers but skip to 55.56 - 58.26.
Add the H

Thanks for the link!