Infinite will most likely take the win this year

So far, Call of Duty: Vanguard “probably” has the highest sales numbers, but has not been well received in its community.

Battlefield 2042…well, my God. I was so excited for that. But…my God.

But Halo. Oh, Halo. The Flights were pretty good, and the absolute banger of a surprise today with a stellar launch and massive improvements.

Yes, there are heavy criticisms of the Battle Pass and some features, but of the “Big 3”, I think Halo is going to come out on the #1 spot.

Happy Birthday, Halo. Happy Birthday, Xbox.

And remember. #StayGreen :green_circle:

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Infinite definitely has a chance of getting game of the year, but it’s also gonna depend on 343i’s response to the criticism they’ve received on the battle pass and store pricing. From what I’ve seen on Twitter and here on the Forums, I can say they’ve definitely been quick to respond to feedback. We just got to see how they take that feedback and what they do with that knowledge.

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Actually, GOTY is reserved for Chicken Invaders: Universe (★ ω ★)

Halo also has the advantage of not being released in like 6 years. People are hungry for it again.

But imo Halo deserves no pass. Beyond the monetization and progression issues, there is alot of missing content, and no excuse.

On the bright side, it definitely has a good foundation to work from. They got alot of the big things right, its just a little too light on content atm.

What’s wrong with Vanguard?

The problem with call of duty is the campaigns are at best, play once and forget as they are always linear as fluk.

I can play them and think “this is cool” but once i’ve played through i can’t bring myself to play them again due to the linear gameplay, heaps of cutscenes and lame qte’s. They are nothing but interactive action movies but not very well written…

i think the last cod game i purchased was modern warfare but i thought the campaign sucked as it was really short. glad i didn’t pay full price…

cod 1 & 2 were classics, 3 was ok but after that they got progressivly worse. less gameplay and more cutscenes and qte’s.

yet for some reason they keep selling heaps of copies, i guess it’s just the mp that sells but even that isn’t great. tiny maps with faced paced gameplay isn’t fun.

was fun on games like quake 3 or ut but cod mp is just ughh…

Well…we are in the era of dress sim gaming and HI is definitely a dress sim…

LOL you make me laugh. I agree. People dont like it when I point out that they get to upset about playing dress up with their power ranger. In my opinion, the people that care most about cosmetics are the ones who suck at the game. Its also a generation thing. I think younger gamers care more because they expect to customize whereas older OG players are content with just wrecking Spartans. I am still rocking out my default armor with just a red color change. Customization has never been my thing.

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