Infinite will get us closest to an outer Halo wall

Reading through Halo Primordium I arrived at the part where the Silent Cartographer of Zeta Halo is described:

“At a quick estimate, this triangular expanse was about five hundred kilometers wide at its base, where it merged with the [outer] wall, and four hundred from base to tip.”


“It’s a command center,” I ventured.
“Correct.” He sounded proud, as if I were some son who had performed well.
“And not just any center. This is the Cartographer, the core of the wheel’s structural

Combined with the fact that we have seen a glimpse of the wall in the The Making of The Halo Infinite Announce Trailer and that (with the exception of Halo 2) we have visited a Cartographer in almost every main-series Halo game in which a Forerunner construct was visited (H:CE, H3, H4) I speculate that we will visit Zeta Halo’s Cartographer as well at some point to gather information and with it come the closest we have ever been to the outer wall of a Halo ring, even beating Reach’s Noble Map Pack map Tempest.

Do you think part of the game could take place inside the wall itself, be it in the campaign or a multiplayer map? It would definitely be an interesting idea to have windows on one side making you able to overlook the curved inside of the ring from several hundred kilometers up with the other wall visible far in the distance, maybe with lots of those “lighthouse” towers shooting blue plasma-trails visible as well; surely a perspective never seen before as we have always been in the center of the rings surfaces before.

EDIT: Quick sketch of what I imagine the view would be like:

This is very interesting. I’m hoping to get inside the wall and see the guts of this ring.

I could dig it. Show me some Halo Wall!

I’m not entirely sure. I think it might be nice if we could explore everything within the Halo ring, as much as possible.

I’ve been thinking the same thing since that trailer came out, it would be really interesting to see it, especially considering most haven’t considered what the edge looks like.

I did a quick sketch showing how I imagined what the view would be like: