Infinite Vehicles in the Beta

I haven’t seen much on the forums about the vehicle balancing in the beta. There was for the flights, that’s to be replaced by progression hate.

The vehicles seem a bit to weak in the beta. I feel like on or two grenades puts the Warthog into downed status. I actually don’t mind the lack of EMP from the plasma pistol and that the light, medium, and heavy vehicles have a shock build up to short out. I did make it into a wraith once so far and it handled well it just had no significant AOE/splash damage. It was very precise while shooting.

I like the Warthog mostly It drives well except it is a bit fluffy on bumping into terrain. The gun is top notch great as far as the damage and accuracy, the sound is still a bit on the weak side, I feel it needs a more beefy sound.

Along with the Brute Chopper it sounds like a electric lawn mower. The chopper should chug like a Harley! It should sound deep like a beast. It is also weak AF. Even from the front. I remember just trashing vehicles with the Chopper on H3. Just like the rockets the Chopper should be the vehicle that makes you into a on man wrecking crew. Instead I don’t really want to grab it, because I get taken out so fast.

I like the ghost so far it seems well balanced but it is the most common along with the hog so it should be balanced buy now.

The Razorback is a damage beast. I am surprised by it durability. Two thumbs up 343! I do hope you can share that durability love with the other vehicles tho. The warthog should be somewhere in the middle of the ghost and razorback for durability, two people on a Hog should be dangerous for people on foot.

I have yet to drive a scorpion. so I have no opinion there except the vehicle spawns suck.

The mongoose is also spot on.

The wasp is great as well I like that the rockets travel slower to give people a chance. I would rather see the Falcon tho. I always like the team vehicles.

I still don’t get the why the shock rifle is a sniper. I kinda wish it would have been most like a Beam rifle where you need to continuously shove something to short it out. Or if it was less accurate at range due to it being basically lightning in a gun.

I like the Brute banshee it definitely feels Brutish.

Overall I feel the vehicles feel like they need a durability buff. Considering the difficult terrain 343 seems to like to put in there games, they are very condensed unlike bungie era open terrain. All of 343 map driving feels like your on the train tracks. The flying vehicles have way more cover due to 343 map style but the ground vehicles suffer for it.

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The destruction of the vehicles are pretty horrid

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