infinite ultimate wish list thread

what changes would y’all make to turn Infinite into the quintessential Halo title?
my personal list, excluding bugs and performance issues that are subject to be fixed:

  • implement rank system to progress outside of BP

  • increase radar range to 25 meters

  • revert aim assist back to halo reach levels for controllers

  • give players the option to only queue with players using the same input device

  • have grenade explosion knockback be 150% by default

  • bring back the gravity hammer’s knockback effect vs players

  • bring back player collision

  • add enemy and ally outline thickness slider + ability to turn it off or display markers above head instead

  • descope zoomed weapons upon taking fire

  • add the regenerator (not as strong as H3)

  • add the bubble shield

  • add the trip mine

  • buff the drop wall’s health

  • increase threat sensor range

  • add the falcon

  • add the mantis

  • add the prowler

  • make vehicle damage more apparent (the issue)

  • remove outlines from vehicles

  • allow warthogs to survive a skewer shot

  • nerf the vehicle EMP duration of the shock rifle

  • buff banshee bomb

plasma pistol:

  • buff overcharged shot tracking
  • let overcharged shots EMP vehicles

assault rifle:

  • remove recoil
  • add damage falloff past 25 meters
  • make maximum spread angle slightly wider


  • remove bloom
  • slightly reduce RoF


  • remove bloom
  • reduce RoF


  • buff horizontal mode damage

feel free to add more, I’m definitely missing some good ones. also this post is long so make sure to reply instead of quote.

Mostly agreed, though I’d say keep recoil on the AR and leave out the Mantis. But overall I completely agree

Agreed on most except removing recoil from the AR. I saw your other provisions should lower ttk, but I don’t think recoil needs to go to balance it out.

I also disagree on the commando. I would think that would make it too op if they removed bloom even with a reduction in RoF.

I would be okay with the bubble shield if it allowed you to shoot out the panels like the new drop wall. That being said I would hope it wouldn’t be quite as weak as the current wall in the game.