Infinite - uk - community

UK based community with over 50 active members.

What we offer:

  • Our events calendar is consistent - x4 weekly.
  • Ranking system for all players to progress through.
  • Active and well managed Discord server.
  • Mature player base.
  • A full mixture of game types across multiple HALO games.

With the INFINITE MP BETA now dropped and LIVE… This is the time to get involved in an active, fun and very social community!

Our only requirement is that you be UK based (Or within a time zone no more than -2 / +2 hours of UK time)

For any questions or if you would like to message me to join, please feel free to do so via Discord or my XBOX Gamertag -TASTIC v


Go on then mate I’d love to play Halo with you. My Gamertag is CRAZY343. Ping me a ding.

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I’d be interested, I’m looking for UK teammates to exclusively play ranked, do you have a group? Thanks


I’d like to join, my timezone is GMT+3 but I coordinate well on British timezones. My GT is Arxirolve

I’d like an invite to the discord server.

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Apologies, I am not the best at following Waypoint… Can you message me on XBOX? TASTIC v