Infinite to Feature Groundbreaking Physics?

Could Halo Infinite’s first trailer be hinting at a new and highly technically impressive level of physical interactivity in its world? I was watching the trailer and had a thought about all of this and it really got me looking into it and observing in an attempt to find clues about this. Let me know your thoughts as well.

vid link:

Heads up to mods, if this is self-promotion I do apologize. But moreso then anything I’m trying to promote discussion of this topic because I think there’s some compelling evidence pointing towards this.

Example; In the trailer, the rhinos simply rushing by knocks over the radio, as well as some objects nearby. What if every entity physically reacts with the world with a weight property and can create tremors or vibrations simulated in engine to move objects. Say, a spartan coming crashing to the ground in a forest causing all the needles off of a pine tree to fly off and twist into the wind.

like what…?

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> like what…?

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> > like what…?
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i guess that is a neat idea… idk i just want halo reach with clambering… maybe they went too far.

I don’t know about any clues as I’m too lazy to click the link but I’m sure they’re revamping physics. They are making a brand new engine after all and the XSX is quite a lot more powerful than the XB1.