Infinite Tech Preview – UI & LIVE

Welcome to the second Halo Infinite technical preview! As you participate, we would love to get your thoughts on specific areas and have threads dedicated to each one right here on Waypoint.

This thread is focused on collecting input on UI & Live (Battle Pass, Challenges, Store). To provide your thoughts on other aspects of the flight, please use the dedicated threads for each key area:

Thank you for participating in this Halo Infinite technical preview, we hope you have fun and please share your thoughts with us below!

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Bottom Line Up Front/TLDR: For over a year leading up to Infinite’s launch, it has already been plagued with time-, event-, region-, and supply/availability-locked content. Stop this immediately. Make all in-game content always available to earn or purchase.

Never create limited-availability content again. The Infinite team has reassured us that FOMO will not exist within the Battle Pass. Great, but it has already infected the game through other means. Die-hard collectors and completionists are upset. I should not have to turn Halo into a full-time job just to ensure that I don’t miss out on a special piece of gear. Many of your fans serve their communities and countries and do not always have the means to turn on their Xboxes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Do not punish them for contributing to society.

I will emphasize that I am not advocating for giving away all content for free. I’m fine with you making some cosmetics only available through purchase, but don’t take it down from the store. If you want to incentivize players to achieve a Champ rank in matchmaking by granting them a unique helmet, go right ahead, but keep this challenge permanently available. If you want to give away a Christmas-themed piece of armor and a nameplate during the holidays, promise fans who were too busy this December that they will be able to unlock the exact same items if they log in next year. The point is that nobody should ever have to worry that they may have missed out on something and have no hope of ever attaining it again. Out of all the controversial topics Halo: Infinite has brought to the table, mismanagement of FOMO content is, by far, the issue most likely to make fans rage, negatively review the game in masses, and walk away from the franchise forever. I don’t want to see this happen.

Just a few of the many absurd examples of how this concept has been butchered in the past:

  • Infinite. Armor coatings, weapon coatings, nameplates, player emblems, and weapon charms locked behind Monster Energy Drinks, Mega Construx toys, NERF guns, Butterfingers, Kellogg’s food at Kroger stores, Wicked Cool Toys, GameStop, Funk-O Pops, Nabisco, Roleplay Toys, Canadian junk food, Razer headsets, limited edition controllers in very limited quantities in very specific regions during very specific lengths of time. And this is assuming that the Waypoint code redemption is 100% free of bugs. Probably not. - Infinite. Weapon skin set locked behind pre-ordering from different stores. Unless I buy four copies of the game (and outside the US), I’ll never be able to unlock all of them. This completely goes against the purpose of creating a SET. - Infinite. Cosmetics tied exclusively to DAILY challenges in the July tech preview. So, if I go 24 hours without booting up Infinite, I’ll inevitably miss out on countless helmets, visors, coatings, etc. Ridiculous. - Infinite. Nameplate given only to a select few players who wasted the most time during the July tech preview racking up the most kills against bots. - MCC. Weapon skins locked behind time-exclusive seasonal challenges. - MCC. Nameplates locked behind community playdates IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORK/SCHOOL DAY. And even if I took off from work, you only match with bronze (lowest experience) ranked players. Even if I was a bronze player, my chances are still slim that I’ll match with you. - Halo 5. Helmet locked behind getting your Forge map accepted into the matchmaking rotation. There are probably only a couple hundred people who have this. And just creating an awesome map is not enough. You have to be a vocal member of the Forging community to even get noticed. - Halo 5. Armor set locked behind tuning in to some eSports event in 2016. - MCC. Nameplates locked behind tuning in to some random Twitch streamer.10. MCC. Nameplates locked behind creating a machinima video that you like.

Please add an Exclusive Fullscreen mode!

Please increase the resolution and render quality of the spartan on mobile (vnext), as it stands visor quality, and armor quality look very flat and generally poor.

Just a couple of things I’ve found while navigating through the available tabs:

  • Not sure if they are trying something different in terms of menu navigation, but I do not like it. I’m referring to specifically how you preview items, whether it be in the store or customization screen. It feels unnatural to use right click to preview items and left click to accpet/execute, rather than the other way around. Sorry if my explanation is a bit vague, please ask for more detail if needed.

  • When viewing the Daily and weekly challenges from the main menu when it is on a side panel, I would recommend using a scrolling text on challenges that are too long to show when in the side panel configuration. An example of this is on the “Back Smack” weekly challenge, this is the only part of the description I can see “Kill an enemy spartan from behind with a …”

The clicking sound for going up and down in the menus/settings is ear piercing and I would hope to see an option to at least turn this off.

cant seem to post anywhere else so i guess i will post here.
Just from what ive did on the main menu there is a big issue with seeing everything on xbox. there is no screen boundaries option. without this option i have almost a third of my hud/ui off my screen (in menu and in game).
lastly i just want to give a accessibility suggestion. please make it so you can set the whole color of an enemy/ally to certain colors instead of just having the outline. i have the hardest time knowing which target is an enemy or a friendly when i am quickly looking around. for example i can be looking around and see a mostly blue target and i will think that its a friendly even though they had that small red outline. at the very least make it so we can make the outline thicker so that it will cover more of the target.

Even though my account has had an invite to the flight it says I’m not authorized to play Halo Infinite. I’m wondering why that’s the case right now.

Hey man my email link doesn’t work what the heck do I do !?

Im the same my link does not work aswell if anyone can help that would be amazing :grin:

stuck in matchmaking

I’m getting a Duplicate Product Code when trying to redeem this flight. I was in the last flight successfully. I don’t share any of my accounts and I can’t figure out where to get help. There’s no ticket creation process.

Inv plz

my email doesn’t even work

Bro they gotta get this stuff together

If your link doesn’t work, click on your gamertag, go to Halo Insider, scroll down to my flights and your code should be there.

Hello, I was given an email saying i was invited for the infinite insider this weekend and the next weekend. However, i was not given a code or anything else to get into the flight. please help!

> 2533274812987777;18:
> If your link doesn’t work, click on your gamertag, go to Halo Insider, scroll down to my flights and your code should be there.

Bro this didn’t work either almost tho showed my flight on the site and then halo insider there is ZERO flights shown… nothing