Infinite team still not listening, and Ske7ch343's response is evidence of that

The Tenrai event is being updated to give out gear for free that they were previously going to sell. So I reject this idea that they’re not listening when it comes to their monetization strategy.

Changing the halo formula for the sake of keeping up with trends is one thing. But there is nothing to suggest multiplayer games can’t survive the way they used to. The only thing that can be suggested is that this new system makes more money, that much is true. In fact, there are plenty of examples as to how this is an actual detriment to the population/life of many games.


I personally honestly don’t know how players praise the unlock system in this title. I get that Infinite is grindy, but in MCC I’ve never made any significant headway in the seasons past the initial first season where you’d get an unlock point every level. The challenges are not rewarding, progression is a symbol, it’s incredibly restrictive despite the fact nothing is locked behind a paywall. Reach had 1/8th the unlockable content and there’s only a handful of players that ever made it to Inheritor legitimately, MCC feels like a quadruple marathon comparatively.

Don’t get me wrong, I love MCC (hell I’m a day 1 player if the lack of playable multiplayer doesn’t count), just confused at the praise some players give it.

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I played custom games the first few days and first week I waited hours to get into a handful of games aha.

Completely agree with what you’ve said. People seem to think that a lot of decisions have been made out of malice by 343 or MS, but honestly they may be in a similar headspace that I am where I couldn’t have anticipated this kind of outcry and what the major complaints have surfaced as.

Not one person says at launch MCC was good.

I’ve seen people also suggest incompetence is possible as an explanation which is possible because even 343 and MS are made up of humans who are flawed.

I’ll buy skins and items if they seem like ones that would normally be not unlockable but right now the only thing looking like it wouldn’t be unlockable are the esports skins

Dude, this is a difficult problem. You say longer projects take time, they do, but there is no knowing how long this fix will take. The time being spent is finding what the fix is, or likely even where the problem is occurring.

Constant Disconnect Mid Game Lossing XP and De-Ranking PLEASE FIX ASAP***

How is that i pay for a game in 2022 for 60$ and the game cant even play … Constant disconnect during match making and de-ranking , because there is not a simple RE-connect button to allow me to continue the game. ALso when someone disconnects you have to play out the game or you lose points… It should be automatic surrender and no points should be taken for the players remaining.


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