Infinite team still not listening, and Ske7ch343's response is evidence of that

Buy it now, we will make it enjoyable later. The new development strategy from 343i.


It isn’t really “new” is it lol

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How can they listen when over half of the team are no longer there due to microsofts crappy contractor policy… This is not a issue of listening it’s an issue of HIRING PEOPLE and GETTING THINGS STRAIGHT

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This isn’t true. But the game never lets you see anyone else if you are good at the game. I see on Halotracker that you are in Diamond. Guess what that means - you will only ever play against players around your skill bracket no matter what game mode you play. Want to chill in Quick Play or BTB? lol not so fast buddy… have fun sweating it out with your Diamond and Onyx competition.

And of course hackers are only going to show up at that level as well. So if you’re good at Halo, I hope you only ever want to play sweaty and competitive, because the game will actively punish you if you try to do anything else.

There are really bad players playing this game, but the only way you will ever see them is if you play on an account that is their skill level.

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No, definitely not.
They don’t have a lot of original ideas anymore.

Your opinion is false. JK I agree, it’s a major element of the game, firstly because it’s pretty lame how they implemented them. And this doesn’t even account for the monetary design. I really don’t care if you have to pay for 75% of the cosmetics but pricing and other means to obtain the “pay for” cosmetics should be reasonable. Why have a battlepass if it’s so slow and you can pay to unlock the tiers? If anything, it makes sense to have either or.

isn’t this just what happens these day regarding games as a whole. They release broken and then work starts on very slowly seeming to give a damn. You have to wonder like the film industry weather they want these great franchises dead to begin with. Very flippin strange as the good work gone into aspects of Infinite are for nothing if you kill your game out the gate

Very odd

This is such a problem I can’t believe there isn’t more noise about it.

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I dread getting on to play solo now because of it. Games are absolutely miserable if you don’t have a full stack squad of teammates that aren’t casual players.

I thought ranked might be better because you’d think it’d match you up more accurately. But when I play ranked games, I get placed against full stack Onyx squad’s, and for my team I usually get two to three mid to low diamond players (including myself) and a platinum player. I don’t even know what I’m suppose to do at that point. We just get crushed every game. It’s awful.

In my opinion, the implementation of SBMM in Infinite makes it so that the only fun game mode is Ranked.

Everything else sucks, and it’s 100% because of how trash SBMM is implemented.

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Everything about the gameplay mechanics in Halo Infinite are not conducive to a fun time, but lead to repeated frustration.

The aim assist should be maintained throughout a gunfight, and not diminish when a player is no shield, or when a player jumps and shoots. This leads to kills ALMOST happening, but over and over again they fall one shot short.

The melee attacks take far too long to animate, and are not consistent with their lunges. Coupled with sprint, they allow players to run through shots like a hulk and get at least one melee on you before you kill them, then you are simply cleaned up by their other teammates.

Sprint. Enough said.

Weapon pickups take FAR too long. When you pick up rockets for example, it takes a FULL 3 seconds before you can fire them. Boo.

Grenades take forever to blow up.

Sword is way overpowered when coupled with a Sprint that doesn’t slow the player down when you shoot them.

Trades don’t hardly ever seem to happen. Might be network issues mentioned here, might be gameolay issues - but it doesn’t really matter the cause. When you have a sword player charging you and you’ve shot them 4-5 times and then melee them when they lunge at you, only to hear your melee connect but not have any effect and then watch the sword player sprint off to their next victim - that is not fun. And BR trades are also a rarity. Very frustrating.

Respawn times are WAY too long, like almost weirdly long. 8 second respawn time for Team Slayer? Really?

Overall, Halo Infinite seems far too slow to play, which doesn’t seem very “Halo-ish” to me. 343 is one again trying to appeal to the Call Of Duty crowd for extra plays, instead of maintaining a separate identity. It is OK to just be yourself you know - you don’t have to try and be like everyone else.

I tried to like Infinite, I’ve played it for weeks, trying to get into it. And yes I’ve adjusted my Deadzone settings like Lucid and Maniac and I still hate it. It’s a good thing they made Multiplayer free as there is no way I would pay for it lol.

Oh well. I was honestly hesitant when all the trailers came out with 343 talking about the upcoming Halo Infinite and how it will feel more traditional and I thought hmm yeah I’ll believe it when I see it, so I’m not too disappointed I guess, but I wanted to leave this long post here to echo other players who are unhappy with yet another Halo title that’s not Halo, but instead is trying to be another mix of other popular shooters. Just more white noise.

Ok I’m done now. Headed back to MCC and the good ol’ days of Bungie. Bye.


Same here. Back to MCC for me.


I like sprinting.
When I played Halo 3 a long time ago, I always hoped to see sprinting added, and when Reach released, I was disappointed to see that it was only an ability.
Some of the maps and other parts of the game might need to be reworked to better accommodate it, but it’s a feature worth having in my opinion.

I agree with this a lot.
Same for equipment pickups.

That might help, but it also might make things irritating when you don’t have a sword and try to sprint somewhere.

Using melee at the same time almost always happens for me.

That happens to me a lot, though less often than the melee trades.
BR trades are sort of rare though.

It’s really annoying that I can’t always tell when I’ve gotten their shields down far enough.
I’ve seen a few people say you can tell because their shield plays a certain effect, but the effect isn’t always good enough for me when I’m in the middle of a tense battle.

Maybe it was only in objective modes, but I remember respawning taking forever in Halo 3 and Reach, which is what it feels like in Infinite.

Also, it’s probably just me, but I feel like the enemy team respawns really fast sometimes.
My team will wipe out 3 or 4 of them, but they just keep appearing within a few seconds.

It’s weird because it’s fast in some ways (e.g. sprinting and match-length), and it’s slow in other ways (e.g. respawning, battle-length and waiting to use things).
I guess it is sort of unique, but I’m not sure if I like how it’s both and neither at the same time.

To me though, Halo hasn’t been very Halo-like since Halo: Reach was released.

It’s not my job to validate your statements for you.

Have you read the article? It seems like a bit of a reach to say that’s an indication that the game began development in any meaningful way at the time according to what they were saying in the interview. Like, if you wanted to go by the strictest interpretation of what constitutes the beginning of development, I could easily argue to you that, well actually development began when the game engine first began development back in the 90’s when Bungie started production on the game engine Halo uses to this day.

So, like, I guess your technically correct? Neat, but that doesn’t indicate to me that the vast majority of the team did any meaningful work on the game at the time in question. I guess that’s my fault for not being hyper specific.

I agree with everything you said but for this part about the dead zones, the trick is finding your own dead zones, copy others will not make you play better just because they are pros. You need to adjust to your liking and find that comfort zone.

I will add another point, connections in this game are atrocious! It feels it’s getting worse by the day instead of getting better.

This is a common problem with many games. I play Overwatch and often you will find a player or two in one team will be far higher skilled while the rest if the teams lacks. It’s because they use this kind of averaging (using various means of data), so you could have two teams at a skill of 1500 with literally 1 half of those points going to one player (not literally), so you could have a team of 6: 500, 200, 250, 125, 125, 300 and another team: 250, 250, 250, 250, 250, 250. In this situation one team is more likely to prevail (the later in this case is overall more balanced). The 125 is basically a troll or useless player, 500 is a super cereal elite Chad master (me :p) and then you have his super totally hot gf at 300 (I get laid). But the thing is you have a team of 250 average Joe’s who are competent enough to work together and can out do a singular 500 guy, even if it cost a few lives during a fight. And this doesn’t even take into account potential roles players attempt to take in. In Halo you have the objective players, marksman types, slayers, vehicle operators, trolls and battle buddies (these are players that are like the slayers but are focused on a team approach following a teammate to aide in killing). So in Halo people generally need to have a well rounded utility of everything in the game to succeed in a competitive environment. So when you have people who can barely aim (for any reason), and don’t want to support the team, you have even more deviation because this game can be carried in a way that many games you can’t because it’s teams

“Infinite Team isn’t listening!”

*Glances at first step implementation of performance XP, new playlists, removal of crappy challenges, reduction of challenge grindiness


Well, it looks like they might actually be listening, which is a huge relief. The campaign was awesome so if they keep going like this they may actually land this thing. Fingers crossed but that last stream sounded really good. Remains to be seen but I’m at least hopeful now. I want them to keep working on this do Halo can keep it’s place and make a real comeback.

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6 years is pretty long, but it is known that there were development problems in the form of contracting complications. They were losing experienced people and gaining inexperienced people in an endless cycle. That’s not 343i’s fault, they were working with the conditions given to them.

Saying 6 years isn’t long is not the best defense for the situation.

It’s probably more accurate to say selectively listening. They’ve held their ground as far as I’m aware on the pricing issues. Their responses to that issue have been fairly baffling.

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