Infinite team still not listening, and Ske7ch343's response is evidence of that

This is on spot! It’s so stupid how customization works in this game. I would gladly buy some of the HCS skins they have but since I can’t use the colors on other armors I am not even going to bother about it. They lack creativity and are locking players from being creative too.

Halo Ce,2,3, is the only pure halo and maybe Reach ,but evne that kinda started to feel odd.


Do we forget the fact that Mcc was dead on arrival with how incredibly broken it was? And how it took 343 3 whole years before they did start fixing it in the significant way they did? The game is amazing now, but a lot of people also Abandoned it because why bother with something when the company didn’t respect you enough as a consumer to give you a quality product? The Mcc had a ton of hype building up to its release, but a lot of people even to this day (like me) are still
Sour about how 343 mismanaged that as well as how they treated the fan base. Not everyone is in this camp of forgetting and forgiving a developer when they do something to lose their trust. I’m not even buying infinite’s campaign and instead I’ll watch a run through via the act man because I don’t want to give 343 money :woman_shrugging: That’s where some of us fans are at with 343.

They’re pretty lucky infinite is F2P or the game will have less players than even halo 5. People are fed up at this point and it gladdens me to know that even 343 are aware of that based on Sketches response. Unfortunately however sketch didn’t handle it well when he mentions the “we don’t owe you an explanation “ because as a business that’s not something you tell your consumers who pay your bills in the end, especially when many people are already expressing issues with how they’re doing things. It’s pretty wild PR to try to justify the way they’re doing things only to then mention that because that’s just a slap in the face to people. It would’ve been better had Sketch said nothing, because him saying everything he did makes us now aware that 343 are in the hot seat, and he put more coal in that fire with the “we don’t owe you” crap. Ultimately no they don’t owe us, but if you want to have success they better make sure they listen better than they have been. Treating their playerbase better would be a big first step.


The whole “we don’t owe you” thing kinda didn’t sit right with me. As a community manager, the goal should be transparency, not further causing anger within the playerbase.

It also is kinda funny when you look at it from the perspective of the fact the MP is free to play, so they literally rely on the players to buy into the model to keep the game alive for 10 years, but feel as though they don’t owe us a simple explanation. Quite absurd tbh.


They owe us an explanation why the game is decent instead of GREAT I’m already seeing people spotting Bugs in Campaign…

Completely agreed: the apparent directive to marketing and community managers has been to reduce evidence of dissatisfaction rather than address that dissatisfaction. This makes business sense for other product releases where the obsessive purpose is to craft positive reporting points for budgeting pitches and investor review, but games specifically have an additional characteristic that makes this approach a bad fit: broad inter-consumer dialogue that influences purchase behavior and customer loyalty at the same time. This is why “not tipping their hand”, policing online community discussion, and other message control measures have worked more successfully for Starbucks’ image sanitation than for 343i’s. The data points–players–for this product do more than talk back to a manager; they talk to each other and influence the base that supports the game in the long term. I’m not optimistic that this will change: at this point, CMs are usually told to simply hold the line until a directional change comes down from higher up.


They did not listen for like 6 years. Obviously they did whatever they wanted with this game. Whose idea was it to remove slayer and other game modes and have a small amount of maps??
It doesn’t make any sense.

Like I said before, the only way they will get out of their enclosed case is if we stop buying stuff.

I’m not even buying the campaign at this point. I’ll reconsider when coop comes out.

Tbh multiplayer is becoming boring at this point.


They did not do whatever they wanted. They brought back the original art style, they brought back equipment, they did away with most of the movement mechanics in Halo 5, all of these things the community asked for. There are some things that haven’t been popular, but all in all, I think saying they did whatever they want is a bit too much

I’m glad I’m not alone. This is the FIRST Halo game I didn’t get on release. They’ve done too much wrong to just be swept under and forgotten.

Another example that people tend to forget is HW2. They promised campaign expansions after the horrible cliffhanger ending and we got one that had nothing to do with the story. It was essentially a fan service containing the flood (a welcome one of course) for $40.



We aren’t talking about the gameplay or artstyle, that stuff is fine.

Most of what people are referring to are the lack of playlists and the asinine monetization scheme.


I think it’s a sign of bad things to come for Infinite. It’s not as if the answers to most issues people have with the game currently are complex. Churn out a few extra assets for the default armor core that people can get for free or pull some from the shop for the same purpose, bring cosmetic prices more in line with what other AAA games charge, throw together some classic game modes, allow people to filter game modes, style challenges like how they were in old Halo’s so people don’t prioritize them over playing OBJ all the time, and give people more battlepass XP. The fact none of this has happened other than some token XP bonuses means Microsoft is holding out on all this. They want the current level of monetization to stay, so 343 has to figure out how to keep it while making players happy.


Good to see I’m not alone either. This is also the first Halo game I passed on.


First Halo game I’m passing on as well. Extra insulted by no armor bonuses from the campaign. REALLY insulted by the fact that Spartans in the campaign wear armor we have to pay for…. If I bought the game it would be like buying that armor without being able to use it in multiplayer. You’re already paying for its development cost but if you want to use it they gotta double dip you in multiplayer.


It’s a first for many of us but I like it that people are taking a bit of a stand here. I don’t like that I’m
Missing out on one of my favorite franchises but there becomes a point when it’s to far in the crapper that I don’t want to support it. No forge, no co-op split screen, I’m even hearing you can’t replay missions, you have to restart the entire campaign and work your way to your favorite part to replay it when in past games you could load up the specific missions you wanted. For a 2021 game it’s just sad to see how much regression it has compared to previous games.

I deleted the multiplayer a week or so ago and I’m not tempted one bit to buy the campaign and play it. So now I’ll be waiting probably another 6 years for the next halo but hopefully that one actually improves lol.

I especially like that 343 is very much aware of how displeased people are by Sketches response, so at the lesst now I know that they know. I just wish he would’ve responded better. “We don’t owe you anything” like dude… if you want people to play your game you better. Plus that’s not something a PR guy should ever say, that literally adds fuel to the fire for those who are already upset but to be honest (in my opinion for those who’ll call it out) I don’t think 343 is player first like the marketed infinite to be, I’m pretty sure they’re just trying to milk as much money as possible and that is their priority.

Halo 5 is better than infinite and that’s just sad to me.


And what do we get? Radio silence yet again while people spend crazy amounts of money in the shop.


Seems like your trying not to say anything with as many words as possible. Every single aspect of this game that was fun now has been nickel and dimed that’s fact.


Couldn’t have said this better myself. Well done sir.

The fact they still have the nerve to come out publicly saying they never lied to us is beyond pathetic from them. Game wasn’t ready, neither campaign nor multiplayer, especially multiplayer.

Agree with you on every point you make, let’s just say ske7ch is being a bit… ske7chy. hehe…

you hit it dead on,they never had any intentions of adding more playlists unless it was specifically for a LTE