Infinite Story Expansion Idea

Crazy theory time: Cortana’s not dead, and a story expansion will revolve around Master Chief going around the ring retrieving fragments/echoes of her data, ending with the collected remnants of Cortana merging with the Weapon.

Some evidence to support this is Cortana telling Chief to “Please come find me.” And how in her “final message” she says it isn’t goodbye.

Throughout the series we’ve had three versions of Cortana: Cortana-original, who died at the end of Halo 4; Cortana-rampant, the rampancy-damaged/logic-plague-infected fragments that split off from Cortana at the end of Halo 4 and reformed on Genesis (basically identical to the original Cortana except missing her compassion/kindness due to all the damage she suffered from her condition); and Cortana-weapon/echo (an identical clone of the original Cortana in terms of code, but is missing her memories/experiences).

What’s to say that Cortana didn’t scatter into fragments after she ‘destroyed’ Zeta Halo in Infinite like how she fragmented in Halo 4? I just can’t see Cortana being permanently dead now, otherwise there was no point of bringing her back at all. Instead, by merging Cortana and the Weapon, we actually get something out of that whole story beat. It doesn’t invalidate Halo 4’s ending either, because it still won’t be the original Cortana, but it’ll be close enough.

The way I see it, it would sort of be like the Vision situation in Wandavision (the Ship of Theseus argument) - the (recently healed) rampant Cortana’s fragments cannot be used to completely reassemble Cortana on their own, and the Weapon lacks the memories/experiences of original Cortana. By themselves, “neither are the true ship, both are the true ship,” from a certain point of view, but put together they’re even closer to “the true ship” than they are apart.

TLDR: A potential story expansion could be Master Chief searching for fragments/echoes of Cortana’s data around the ring, ending with that data merging with the Weapon.

Thoughts? I was hoping something like this would’ve happened in the main campaign, but luckily this possibility is still there for a story expansion.


This would not only be a boring direction, but it would also just render the existing story of Infinite redundant.

I don’t really see why this would be a good direction, nor do I think it has much real value.

Just to mention a few of the possibilities that have been brung up: Flood, Endless, Prometheans, new weathers/effects, new areas, new characters, even stuff like cool linear story missions would be neat if done well. What you are suggesting would just be pointless, no offense. The Weapon is already extremely similar to Cortana, so merging the two would be like merging the Arbiter with another Sanghelli or whatever, just pointless.


So, you basically want Halo 5 again.

She says to “come find her” so he can learn the truth about what happened on Zeta Halo. Cortana even says her goodbyes in the last echo. Also, the Weapon remarked on how the echoes were becoming clearer as her and the Chief got closer to the place that Cortana died. Sorry, but no. Cortana is genuinely dead this time, and I think it would be in 343’s best interest to keep it that way and try to carve a different plot into the franchise. The Endless seem like an interesting focal point for the next game/expansion.

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I respect your opinion, but I don’t think it would be boring. I enjoyed the various Cortana echo moments throughout the campaign, and I think they could craft an interesting narrative with that while we’re actively hunting down fragments of Cortana (Maybe give us a better look into Cortana’s descent into insanity with the Logic Plague for example).

I also like all of those other ideas for story expansions, I’m sure we’ll get a lot (hopefully most) of them throughout the life-cycle of the game. Maybe some will be shorter expansions, and others could be full-length campaigns?

I think you missed my point about merging the two - yes, the Weapon is identical to Cortana in code, but she’s missing her memories/experiences throughout the series. It leaves a bitter taste for me that they brought Cortana back in Halo 5, just to kill her off again without doing anything different. This is something different that a lot of people were theorizing about going into Infinite.

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Definitely not. I don’t want Cortana to turn evil again, nor be brought back completely. I want a more satisfying conclusion to her story - what better way to show the Weapon how not to repeat her mistakes than to enlighten her with Cortana’s memories/experiences?

Also do we know for sure that’s what it was referring to? I didn’t see it that way. She also says they keep saying goodbye (implying there could be more goodbyes), and asserts that this isn’t goodbye.

I also think you misunderstood my point. I don’t want Cortana brought back. Rather, allow us to collect her dispersed data around the ring to continue the narrative of Cortana showing the Weapon not to repeat her mistakes, by gaining a better understanding of her; and finally give Chief closure (allow him to apologize to Cortana for everything that happened - their goodbye in Infinite was all her talking).

I agree that the Endless seem interesting. Like I mentioned in my other comment, their story seems more like a larger campaign expansion though, whereas what I suggested would be a shorter add-on.

MDisco10, I am as frustrated as you about Cortana’s fate. Bringing her evil in Halo 5 was a really bad choice. 343 understand it and decide to end her story as quickly as possible, by killing her off screen. It is clear they have no intention to bring her back in the futur. The weapon is the new Cortana now

Bring back Cortana like you say, by a fusion with the weapon, could be interesting, but a little sad for the weapon. Cortana and the weapon are like sister, they each have their own personnality.

I really hoped we would avec cured Cortana from her infection to the domain and bring her back in the right way, but this isn’t how it gone.

And never forget the real Cortana died in Halo 4, the weird thing in Halo 5 didn’t diserved to be call Cortana

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Crazier theory: How did Atriox become an AI? and can it be reversed like flesh and blood? What if Cortana became human and chief saves her. Would be better imo then collecting her frags. It doesnt undercut the weapons story or her 2nd death. and ultimately bring thestory full circle with the humanization of chief… Hence, completing the love story between the original pair but thats just my opinion and wishful thinking.

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That’s an interesting theory, I like it. I think the collecting fragments of Cortana is more likely to happen though.

But as long as Cortana isn’t completely gone, I’ll be happy. Otherwise there was no point of bringing her back after her first death.