Infinite spoilers: Regarding a certain AI

This post contains spoilers for Infinite, beware if you haven’t played/finished it yet.

In 1 of Cortana’s memories, she speaks with AI Leonidas, who informs her of 76 Spartan trainees. She then orders the station destroyed, Leonidas complies and destroys Laconia Station and himself. However, in Bad Blood, it seemed as though Leonidas had been destroyed when Alpha-Nine was able to defeat him. How do you explain him being in this memory?

Halo: Bad Blood is one of the ones I haven’t listened to thoroughly yet, but is there a possibility that he split himself and hid part of himself in the stations system?

That’s my best explanation. I’m sure they’ll be able to clear it up.

It is simply possible that this was an AI with the same name? Or is it confirmed to be the same one?