Infinite spoilers: About the Weapon

I was a little confused by a few things:

  • The Weapon tells us late in the game that she was at the Silent Auditorium where she locked Cortana down. But, that’s not where we find her and she conveniently doesn’t recall her final confrontation with Cortana.

  • We never see the Weapon in any of the flashback cutscenes despite her having supposed to be at the Silent Auditorium. This is even after we know she’s ostensibly a copy of Cortana. So there’s no reason to withhold that information. Wouldn’t it make sense to be shown Cortana getting locked down?

  • If she was at the Silent Auditorium why was Cortana destroyed but she wasn’t? Why would the character have went to the Auditorium and then wandered off to another conveniently bomb proof location?

  • How exactly would the Weapon have locked Cortana down since she was that powerful? If the idea was that she took control of Forerunner systems then why was no Monitor able to lock her out? If it involved hacking Cortana directly or merging with her as a Trojan horse to trap her that’s a bit more suspect.

  • The Weapon tells us that “upon successful deployment, my deletion routine was supposed to complete”. So why didn’t it? The way that’s said, wouldn’t she have deleted herself once the trap was sprung? Successful deployment means locking Cortana down and throwing the key away. When the Chief does this it takes a few minutes but Cortana is on lockdown for quite some time. It’s framed as the Weapon waiting around for Cortana to be retrieved but then why wasn’t she at the Auditorium and why didn’t Cortana interact with her?

  • Also if her deletion was prevented then why does she have amnesia and finds a chunk of herself and “the last part I remember being deleted”. So, she started her deletion routine a few seconds before Cortana blew herself up which interrupted the deletion routine? Why? If she was waiting for the Chief why start the deletion routine at all? How would she even know Cortana could blow herself up if she wasn’t at the Silent Auditorium but in the bomb shelter? It’s a little convenient.

  • Why does this part of herself have a memory of Cortana in it along with the activation index? If they’re completely separate entities they shouldn’t be jumbled up like that.

  • The Memory Fragments of Cortana are depicted as these glowing wisps of light. When you first meet the Weapon, why do we see a constellation of that stuff dramatically combine to form the Weapon? I get some theatrics for a game, but it’s a bit suspect. She should just be in the terminal.

  • When we first meet the Weapon she tells us that “did you hit your head or something. Don’t you remember.” Which is odd to start talking about people forgetting things when it turns out she is the one with gaps in her memory.

So, possibly, what actually happened was that Cortana was on Lockdown and the Weapon deleted herself as commanded; becoming nothing but dust and echoes. Cortana realised that “he needs her” and that way can be perfectly perfect again. A fresh start, especially if she hates herself for what she did and can’t come to terms with it. So, when she blows herself up, her data gets jumbled up with the Weapon and so you’re left with what Cortana believes to be a perfect version of herself. She’s then consciously jettisoned all of her memories of her past life and is leaving them to slowly die. Like the Weapon is quite jaded and dismissive whenever she talks about these “it’s just data” and “soon they’ll be gone too”. She’s also quite insistent that “Cortana is gone”.

I don’t think this is likely. 343 said it’s a simple story. All the above are probably just plot holes and dramatic license. People probably wouldn’t appreciate another fake out death with Cortana. But, if they’ve got trust issues and she’s afraid of becoming Cortana. Lying about who you are and finding out you are that monster would be pretty relevant.


It’s a psy-op to convince agents they are AI and that eliminating themselves after their job is done will result in a reward.
“Hope is always a weapon you give your enemies, as it plants the possibility of failure in their psyche”. - Spartan-681