Infinite spartans are kinda dirty

as in, covered in literal dirt and rust. this game is supposed gonna have a ton of coatings, can I coat my spartan in some soap and water cus theres no way ima let my boy get this filthy

If there isn’t a coating that is full of those silly bumper stickers all over the armor I’m going to to be very sad.
(っ °Д °;)っ

as long as i dont look like halo 5 plastic i dont care how clean or dirty they are.

I agree, I hope we can change the dirt scale. Like there was one in the DOOM (2016) multiplayer.

Yeah it’s called being battle-worn and gritty, like a real soldier. I’m sure some coatings will look more pristine, but for the most part they should look dirty and scuffed up.

I think it is more according to each skin that we put, it was said that there would be from chrome armor, to this type of wear.

It’s what many wanted after how Spartans looked in halo 5. But hey, maybe there is an option to be all shiny and new.

Just make sure to keep your battle rifle clean, Spartan.

That’s what happens when the community makes a fuss about things being too clean.

This kinda look like plastic, right?