Infinite ruined the best parts of halo

After months of halo infinite, I reverted back to halo 5 for comparison. It took one sniper kill in h5 for me to realize how bad infinite gameplay is.

  • The guns in infinite are unusable in comparison to other halos - sure you can force it after several hours of muscle memory but it’s just not as fun.
  • The strafe speed is so cranked up in infinite, the best strategy is to throw your joystick left and right. Being slower in other halos forced you to have better mechanics, use thrusters, jump, etc. Jumping in infinite is pointless because it’s so much slower than other movements it just makes you a stationary target until your feet touch the ground again.
  • The time to kill in infinite is bad too. You miss 1 bullet, or get hit by 1 extra bullet from multiple enemies, you’re dead. In older halos you could at least battle it out and use mastery of mechanics to win when the odds are against you.
  • All this combined with broken unsynced servers… It’s just bad.

Our mileage clearly varies with the first three, but the desync issues are an objective fact and I completely agree that the sniper is awful to use in Halo Infinite. I prefer weapons that don’t work against me.

Define Irony:
Saying infinite killed the best thing about halo…and then going back to H5

-BR feels silky smooth in H:I although I wish it was projectile based like H3
-Strafe speed feels buttery smooth like H3, BMS has been increased so sprint is less intruisve (this is a good thing)
-TTK is nearly on par with H3 BR has an ideal TTK of 1.55s the same as H3 halo always punished you for missing shots especially in earlier games
-Desync is a definite issue

eh…1 out of 4 ain’t bad


Desync has also led to bad shot reg issues as well.

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I was just using the most recent example, I don’t think anyone disagrees that halo 3 was great, but it’s 15 years old now (H2 was my personal favorite, played until the servers died). Halo 5 definitely had its own take - I thought the thrusters added an interesting mechanic that sped up the game play in a good way - as well as it’s issues. But I’ll stand by that no other halo has felt so offensive to the feel of halo as infinite does overall (sure the BR was done decently, but this is one gun in an entire sandbox)