Infinite really needs a new Challange system and a PvE mode

Lets face it the challange system and lack of any PvE mode is really hurting infinite like a lot. note these are secondary to desync getting fixed that is primary. But we really need a better system that doesn’t force people to play modes they hate with no way to opt out of it and we need something for those who like PvE more then PvP. ever sense ODST there have been two sides to the MP crowd the PvE and PVP sides.

Main thing is screw this challenge system. Anything that requires real world money to opt out and avoid things you literally don’t have the skill to do should be freaking illegal, especially in a game like this. Though that has been stated dozens of time, they should really go to an XP system like in MCC. With the weekly item being given for gaining a set ammount of XP in in a week lets say you get an average of 500 per match and it takes 5,000 to make a level on the battle pass, the weakely challanges should take 50,000 XP to complete with bonus items instead of required, like a bonus of headshot 30 spartans giving 4000 XP but not being required to get the cap stone.

As for PvE just bring back fire fight, and maybe a spartan co-op mode where we play 4 man fire teams doing objectives on custom maps in a single player like setting.


Totally agree. We need the reach or mcc challenge and xp. Not what we have.

Just need more than what we currently have. Ive been playing through the campaign again on MCC, for old times sake, and I look at all those playlist and say to myself, “Damn, I remember that” or " That doesnt look familar" and Ill play a few rounds and have a good time. Infinite has such great potential, but it needs a lot more. I know co-op campaign is coming, but that will only take people so far. My first playthrough i took my time, explored everything and had fun. Then did a speed run, 5 hrs start to finish. I can beat this game literally after work and still get a full night sleep for the next day. We need more, I know we definatly want more. As a live service, this isnt it. This trickle of content they got goin isnt okay. If they gave us Halo 3 or Reach like content at the start, then added more and did more, this game would be great, I know it would.

It’s not a game meant to be fun. Look at 3 and Reach. Campaign had scoring (work together or see which of your friends was the best), time trials. MP unlocks could be earned in campaign or Firefight, etc.

Infinite’s campaign outside of some emblems and some coatings of (subjective quality) has almost nothing worthwhile for MP and most of it only requires a single play-through of the campaign. You’re not really encouraged to replay it.

Also why could they at least make fireteam Taurus’ armor a kit or something if they don’g wanna straight up give out the helmets and stuff? We got the coatings which was cool I guess.

Yeah I totally agree. I loved Reach and loved unlocking all the armor playing MP, but what really made that armor exciting to unlock was then going back to the campaign and seeing my custom armor on the “big screen” again.

Also the fact that if you wanted to progress in xp you could just play the scored campaign. This is really great when you are playing with your kids and they aren’t good enough to play MP, but there is still a space for them to progress in the game especially when we play coop together.


Campaign should get an alternative customized mode where you get to use all your unlocked customizations, similar to Halo CE and 3 in MCC except it also allows you to reskin Master Chief with your custom armor.

Not saying this is how it should be now, but a mode for future consideration after Coop, Forge, and general fixes have happened.

So years and years from now? Consider they haven’t even released or shown footage of this content 7 months after release?
(Even after a one year delay???)

Yes. Because Halo Infinite’s engine is unfortunately very difficult to work with, and there’s a priority to fixes, changes, additions, and updates. Something like my suggestion is low on the priority list, but something to consider when the game is in a more stable, more complete, and hopefully more popular state.

MCC didn’t get this feature for 5-6 years. Heck it was nigh unplayable for 4 years. As soon as Reach hit, and the server and matchmaking issues were resolved, it came to life in a big way, and only then was it ready for all the cool new stuff it’s gotten since, like the aforementioned customizable campaign, new skulls, Sentinel and Flood Firefight, and all the seasonal cosmetic additions.

It probably won’t take Infinite 4 years to get there. A year from now we will have Coop and Forge fully integrated and I have no doubt at the very least Desync will have finally gotten much better, if not fixed completely. Those are the big 3 that need to be in place before we can expect any of the real fun to begin.

I’m glad Halo Infinite tied the MC story an Halo wars 2 story together… In terms of extra PVE content they could have a special mode in Halo Infinite where you get to play some top tier missions from MCC past even ODST or Spartan Ops reconstructed in the Halo infinite engine. You would have all the new game mechanics Grapple shot Repulsor drop shield thrusters sprint clamber etc for your Spartan. It’s an idea but maybe not as easy to pull off as using custom maps… Warzone was very popular in Halo 5 they could recreate it in Halo Infinite. The PVP side seems to be doing well. We don’t need legacy NPCs but the Halo Infinite models. The Bots we’re well made… We could get some cross game maps or character skins Call of duty an Halo have shared alot of the same fans over the years.

343 is unique in being one of the only dev teams of a multi-million dollar franchise to work slower than molasses.

Bringing up MCC is ridiculous. They stopped development for that after Halo 5 came out and only started work on it after a year of Halo 5’s release. They got much more working and functional in the MCC than they have with infinite and this is considering that MCC is astronomically more complex.

Forge and Co-op should have been there on release. Co-op shouldn’t take more than a week to develope for, considering modders do better work on strictly single-player games.

And forge shouldn’t take 7 months to make FROM SCRATCH. What is clearly obvious is that they had no plan to ever release forge considering they also clearly had no work done with it until after the game released. Forge isn’t even going to fully released a year after release. It’s going to be a beta. And then, God knows how long it will be until it’s fully functional. Just put that on a list of features the game has but are functionally broken.

Could be like a skull or a “new game+” sort of deal. Would be fun tbh.

Well With co-op coming soon at least some of this will be delt with, and we saw forge on the menu for it.

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This is why I have never bought any SP. The challenges were designed to keep players playing, and adding the “RNG” BS made matters worse. They chose this path instead of designing challenges to where the player would want to run the challenges. All the poor decisions made were because of the lack of content.

343 is literally treating Halo as a Destiny game. The problem is it’s lacking everything Destiny offers, and Destiny isn’t even a game to brag about knowing it’s designed mainly for padded playtime.

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They just need to replicate MCC’s challenge system and add in Firefight.

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Agreed. I can probably pick out the challenge system as the primary reason I stopped playing the game. They said there’d be no FOMO and then the challenge system is all FOMO. Some weeks I can do them in like 8 hours, other weeks I have probably spent over 20-30 hours grinding through the bloody things. At some point I realised that despite me being a Halo lover and wanting to unlock everything in the game to ever release (That’s free ofc) that the grind was negatively affecting my university stuff and it had to stop. I’m pretty okay at the game, so some of the riciculous challenges were made even more annoying through the sbmm aspect of everything. I remember playing for like 5 hours straight or more in quick play to get a “win an oddball match” or something done and then getting absolutely stomped after I finally found an oddball match lmao.

For people with a lot of time on their hands that really like the game it’s maybe okay, maybe. For me on top of all the other issues since launch it really put that nail in the coffin. FFA challenges specifically were what I hated to get, but for other people it could be a different mode

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