Infinite Ranking and Vote System

Hi. This time I would like to discuss the matchmaking ranking system. I would also like to ask a simple question to the community: what do you think of having an option to vote for BR/Magnum (this would be random) starts or AR/SMG (in case dual wielding is reintroduced it would be SMG) starts while the selected scenary is random?

For example:

  • Map: (Name). ← This is random
  • Gametype: depends on the playlist.
  • Option 1: BR starts/Magnum starts. ← It will show BR or Magnum (if it isn’t a dual-wieldable weapon) randomly.
  • Option 2: AR starts. ← If Dual-Wielding is reintroduced, it will show SMG (or something dual-wieldable) starts.

By this way, people who want to play competitively or want a balanced and fair gameplay (due to the lack of range disadvantages) will be satisfied, and people who want to play for fun or want to explore the map will have a chance to do so. This is so better than having two different playlists, because that divides the population.

Now talking about the ranking system. I think we should have the same Halo 5 system per playlists, but without reseting the ranks and maybe making it a bit more accesible to players. In my opinion we should also have a credit system related with a general rank like Halo Reach, used to show the experience of a player and to purchase custom armours. This can be combined with the REQ system.

For example:

  • Playlist 1 Rank → Gold 4. It is related to skill.
  • General Rank → Soldier (got with 0 Credits). It shows the experience of the player: now is new.