Infinite Outside Top 20 Most Played

Currently #23. Let’s hear some hot takes.

Hot take: Forge will do nothing for 80% of the remaining population without a customs browser which won’t come until March at the earliest.

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It bounces back and forth. Has so for the past 6 months. Not really a big deal.

To my knowledge this is the first time it’s been outside the Top 20. It’s bounced around high teens but this is the first time I’ve seen it this far down.

How many people do you think play Infinite in a given week?

Also 343 do not take into account the game’s popularity, it is only judged on revenue creation.

Whilst I understand the more people they can attract to play the more money they stand to make, it’s clear that they are happy with the revenue the game generates…….and who do we blame for that !!!

I’ve seen it bounce from 10 to 23 and in-between. There is around 170k players per-day that consistently play in the US. Not sure what global numbers are. But that would line up with where it sits on the Xbox most played chart.

People who enjoy building great stuff and teens/children. When you get older, unless you have fun people to make stuff with, you are not going to spend 8+ hours building a map no one will play.

People with an interest/experience in engines will definitely hop into forge at launch.

Its so robust for an in game console supported editor.
Prodeus is the only thing that comes close and that requires booting up a pc.

Anyone who builds play spaces will check it out and will likely take concepts to apply to projects.

Once you see something done it becomes easier to replicate.

Smaller studios will be intrigued but it likely wont translate to matchmaking population spikes.

Its more like installing an engine just to see how the pipeline and workflow co.pares to whatever your using professionally.

That would be way higher than my expectations. What’s your data source?

I can’t remember the exact back of envelope math I did, since it involves a lot of assumptions. I think I thought the ranked population total in a given day is less than 20,000 across all playlists, and if ranked is 20% of total, you’d be closer to 100,000 or less.

Super Shaky Math:

HaloTracker Open profiles = ~75,000 total Open rankings since last reset

50% player attrition since then = 37,500 (the most debatable variable in here, it’s low compared to historical attrition but maybe players are “stickier” at this point)

Adjust up for HaloTracker missing players: +25% = 50,000 or so

Get daily numbers by doing 50,000 / 4, assumes people play between 1 and 2 times per week: =12,500

Generous addition for other playlists: Assume 50% of profiles in Doubles are unique and do not overlap with Open (Doubles is really the only other relevant playlist, KBM and solo queue populations are basically small enough to be rounding errors) = 18,000 or so, round up to 20,000.

Of course, once you start cutting those numbers by time zone, time of day, day of week, and CSR/MMR, it becomes apparent why the matchmaking quality has become so poor in terms of skill and ping, and why rematches are frequent.

All 343 has to do is release the statistics and let the numbers do all the talking for them like most developers do but instead they purposely hide this sensitive data and leave it up to player speculation.

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I think you meant, 17,000
Not 170,000.

Nope, 170k was the number I heard. Not sure if that is global or not. I think it was just US numbers.