Infinite on XBOX still doesn't support LAN w/o PC player

With the release of Forge, there is finally some interest in playing custom games on Halo Infinite. However, one year out and LAN is still not supported on the XBOX version of Halo Infinite without a PC player to be the host. 343 lists LAN support as possible on XBOX, however unless one of your friends is actively playing on the PC version, then you can’t have a LAN game. MCC even natively supports LAN with only XBOX and has for years. H5 was the only oddball that needed a PC server to host the game, but even then it wasn’t an active player. Can we please get an update on if this is going to be added to Halo Infinite? I know there are still thousands of things that need to be fixed/added to this game, but that still doesn’t excuse such a basic feature missing for a year.