Infinite On Xbox One

I am of the opinion that Infinite should be a Series X exclusive.

Now, you probably know all the tech stuff, so I won’t go over that. All I’ll say, is that if Halo will be the first big release, it has too make people buy the Series X. It needs to sell the console. Really SELL it.

And I do understand how not everyone can afford a Series X. My point is, if the original and the 360 were as close in hardware as the current generations, Halo 3 would have still been a 360 exclusive.

Inb4 lock

No it needs to be on both consoles. The Xbox One will probably suffer if the graphics turn out really good but they should still have the game on both consoles.

Im split. I feel it shoukd be on xb1 if soon. But if its delayed until holiday 2021 or later, than infeel at that point cut their losses. Ms stated they’d support older consoles for a year or 2.

Also seeing all the news developers are dreading crkss gen games. aways assumed it was scalable like with pc but wiirh developers stating its a hassle and they dont want to do it, kinda leaning towards “let the developer decide”

Granted this isnt even close to my first next gen shift. So nothing new. Still, im getting a xsx at launch and a ps5 later on, id like games thst take advantage of said hardware vs games being forced to be designed with older games in mind.

My 2 cents anyway.

Already have many threads on this. Feel free to share your thoughts there so we can keep the forum focused.