Infinite no email for test flight , ngl a bit sad

In all honesty i was hoping to get select for the test since i have been select for all the previous ones, bit sad but hey can’t win them all.
Will be watching some streams for sure hope selected Spartans have a good time and don’t forget feedback is very important at this stage so don’t save on them words :).

to the DEV team i just want to thank for all the work and for maintaining halo alive, my childhood was alongside this franchise,

P.S. Cant for release, everything i have seen so far seems on the right path great ideas and very compelling gameplay, i never hype about video games but to be honest i can’t wait to get the Spartan company together again. Halo nights are back baby ( we are already making plans !

Going to close this off due to to the volume of similar threads about invites between here in the Insider forums.