Infinite needs update ASAP

Hello guys,

I love halo but seriously it is time for things to get moving… Players are getting desperate to get the game fixed and players are leaving and I think it is gonna be hard to get them back.

Tonight,I launched 3 games in a row and 3 times we played 3v4 (2 times it launched directly 3v4 and the 3rd game, one player left before the game started)…
Ranks reset is so far a very bad experience for me, still playing with gold when I am Onyx, still playing on servers with high ping (I guess east US when I am in Europe)… still getting killed when I am behind a wall.

I do not even want to launch against controller players when the aim assist is that strong it is unplayable when they have 10%+ accuracy than me… I wish we could CHOOSE to play only PCvsPC and not only solo/duo.

What happened to the previous page button on the game results page/stats??? It disappeared since last update and not a word about it.

Maybe it is time to do something about the cosmetics for the spartan, it is very disappointing to get a spartan that I can use all the color with or every type of armor on… I can understand for an event like tenrai that it is appart but the pass and the mark vii should be compatible.

A roadmap would be greatly appreciated by all of us.

Finally I think the challenges like a a couple of weeks ago in tenrai (get 3 killjoy in fiesta) are completely ridiculous and not fun at all… you either need to not play for the ennemies to get kills and then need to be the lucky one that kills the right enemy or have a crazy amount of chance and do killjoy by pure luck. That is not a fun challenge at all that does not require skills but mostly luck.

The gameplay is good and I do support it and try to give feedbacks as soon as I have a chance. By the way, it would have been nice to have a feedback on the survey that I received a couple of weeks ago.

I would be happy to help in any way that I can but please improve your communication that was in my opinion great at the launch of the game.

I have been playing halo for 20 years and hope to continue and will do my possible to make the game better

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