Infinite, needs more guns, vehicles, and maps

Both in single player and multiplayer.

I want the Mantis back, and if you have to give the banished the locust as their counterpart. please give us more.

that said what we have it is fun.

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I have an example idea a sniper variant

Suppressed AMR

gameplay: in campaign it doesn’t alert enemies when an ally is killed or when you miss. (shooting a fusion coil still alerts.)

In multiplayer if fired from crouch it doesn’t show you on the radar, it also has a drasticly reduced scope glare. This comes as a cost of damage, taking 3 body shots instead of the normal 2. though a headshot still one shots.

MA5 Demo

Info: a valor unlock Ma5 for those that like spray and pray. unlike the ma40 the Ma5 is a pocket LMG. 60 round mag, and an intigrated grenade launcher which fires 40mm HEI shells. (you see them on the troopers some times.)

Gameplay: In campaign is a valor unlock, instead of a smart link zoom the secondary swaps between standard and GL mode, with the GL being a 3 round muzzle loaded electronically fired launcher (think metal storm.) By default you hold 240 MG ammo and 6 GL ammo, with the GL ammo requiring power ammo to refill.

In multi player, this spawns with only 3 grenades in its secondary mode with no spare ammo or reloading. It counts as a power AR and would spawn in the same places as maybe the SAW whenever that gets added, because lets face it we know it is going ot get added, same with the SMG they have been in to much marketing.