Infinite Multiplayer Story

Seeing that 343 seems to be implementing a side story for the multiplayer, what’s everyone’s take on how they think the story is gonna progress?

I theorize that the multiplayer story is going to tie into the campaign or a secondary campaign at some point. during the academy’s tutorial, Commander Agryna mentions that the Infinity, Chief, and other Spartans are missing at Zeta Halo. she also makes it sound like the spartans are preparing for something. I think they might be preparing to deploy to Zeta Halo to assist or recover the Infinity and missing Spartans. this could mean that there would be a Spartan Ops campaign featuring our spartans or our multiplayer spartans find chief and we get to play as our spartans in co-op when co-op is released


That would be pretty cool. I was hoping we’d get a Spartan Ops campaign or something to really invest time into the story of our multiplayer Spartan. It would be a missed opportunity if they just leave it at what we got in the tutorial.


That would be cool, but I think they jsut give us some backgrounds story and lore which connect to the camapaign’s story. Devs said they wan to tell a story, to mke MP have a story, your story.
At least I hope their will be more moments like in the tutorial. Even if the MP and SP doesn’t connect, MP have it’s own story and progress.

Yeah, my theory is kind of like @TriedCrowd418. Agryna talks about Infinity and Zeta Halo disappearing like Cortana or someone, UNSC or Banished, moved the installation somewhere else. My money is on Cortana moving it in an attempt to keep the ring from being able to be used against the Domain. I think our Spartans are heading to Reach hence the name of Season 1 being Heroes of Reach, but before that they try and help Infinity by going to their last known location.

The spartan branch gets disbanded due to micro transactions


Maybe they’ll bring spartan ops back. Though I hope we don’t have to deal with fireteam majestic like spartans again. Even project freelancer’s sim troops make them look like a joke.

I suspect that after the campaign, Commander Agryna will return to the training facility, catching our Spartan up on the events that happened which will lead into a proper story with our Spartan being the protagonist. What that story will be could be many things, but until we’ve played Infinite’s story we really can’t tell what.