Infinite Multiplayer Constant Crashes

Ok so this is getting stupid now, I have:
Re-installed the game,
Shut down all backround apps on my rig,
Disabled all “In-game Overlays”,
Forced the HaloInfinite.exe to “Override high DPI scaling behavior”,
Turned grahpics settings all to Low (even downscaling my rez to 80%),
Verified the integrity of the game files,
Uninstalled the “HI-Rez Textures”.
Ive even made 100GB of space on my NVMe to make sure its not a space issue.

And after all this the game still crashes within 5 minutes of being open and i mean just open, not in a game or doing something in a menu. I mean I can sit on the “press enter to start” screen for less than 5 minutes and it just “poof” games gone, no crash code, no error message, nothing.
I have had it crash on me minimum of 12 times in the past hour alone.

And its not my Vram Cache or Hardware as my specs are:
11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz.
MSI-3090 GPU,
64GBs Of 3200mhz RAM,
1TB Samsung NVMe,
1000W Gold Rated Corsair PSU.
ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming Intel Z590 LGA1200 ATX Motherboard.

This really needs to addressed by the Devs as the game running is WAY more important than the bloody micro transactions.


I honestly I honestly been constantly crashing and so have other people I know. I had one friend have better luck playing it through steam but didn’t stop the crashing completely. Even last night I could play Fiesta and FFA but not big team battle.