Infinite MP Tweaks/Updates

The multiplayer in Halo Infinite from my experience so far is superb, but i think it needs a few tweaks, it’s good thing we are able to play the beta. It feels a lot like Halo 3 and Halo 4 with a few elements from Reach, but I loved multiplayer on Halo 4 anyways regardless that Halo 3 is better and boy do i love the pickups around the map, I LOVE IT! So glad it’s back. I never thought i’d be saying this but i really am enjoying the grapple hook. I am also loving how fast paced it is. Now for the tweaks, I know this may never come to fruition but we need friendly fire back it’s just a nice touch and part of every halo game. One of the major things that is bothering me is not being able to look around after I die, like in all the other Halo games. I either have to watch another player on my team or watch the player who killed me while i wait to respawn. I used to love being able to look around and see what is going on from my dead body, sounds petty but it’s the little things that matter. Speaking of little things, one of the smallest touches that makes a HUGE impact on the game play is the lack of assassinations! Man do I miss them! In the first few games i played i kept getting myself killed thinking i had to hold down the B button so i can assassinate someone, but I kept forgetting that they are not in the game yet. Please 343 bring these back, I really hope they come in a future update. Third tweak/update that is needed, is the intro sequence when you start the game. It’s a little dull and can get boring seeing the same intro animations every single game. It would be nice if we can unlock new intros in future battle passes. The fourth tweak/update is the announcer of the game. I am pleased that the original announcer is back but there are a few times when he sounds quirky and i would much prefer the announcer from the original Halos or even Halo 4. If 343 could let us buy or unlock new announcers just like we can customize our AI this would be epic! The rest of this topic is just going to be me talking about what i love and don’t love about the multiplayer. What i love:

i love the gameplay. it’s smooth is versatile and it’s a callback to the original Halos and Halo 4 and i’m happy what they have done with customizations and I look forward to seeing why they bring along the way. I love all the new weapons so far and i love that they limit the Bazooka/Rocket Launcher to 2 shots only, to keep players from grieving others. i love that 343 is encouraging players to ply fairly and with skill and which is why i love the ordinance drops. It’s fair, it’s balanced, and it’s the way multiplayer should be. The guns perform very well the bouncer of the frag grenades is good too. the bounce is taking a little bit of time to get used to. I’m not sure if it needs to be tampered with or i am rusty or need to get used to the game more, but overall the bounce isn’t really an issue just wanted to give some feedback on that. Now what i don’t love:

I don’t love how limited the sensitivity is on the controller for Xbox. I changed my sensitivity all the way to 10 and it still feels slow on my end. This limits my ability to play fast paced and turn around in time. The second thing is the vehicle physics/driving mechanics. I don’t like how long it takes to get out of a vehicle. I’m almost every other Halo getting out of a vehicle was pretty snappy, in this it takes longer to get out of vehicle then to get it, which is the complete opposite of how it was in any other Halo. It’s a small fix. The vehicles drive smoothly and i love that they get around much faster; however, it feels like they have less weight to them and in constantly finding myself crashing into obstacles and then dying shortly after because my vehicle flipped over. If the vehicles could have a little bit more weight it would be perfect. The other thing is the wasp. The wasp feels slightly overpowered in my opinion. I think it’s the one vehicle that needs to slow down a bit and definitely needs some weight. Sounds absurd because it is a flying vehicle, but i find that when players get ahold of the wasp they can get from one side of the map and back to other in less than like 10 seconds and so it leads to them hogging the vehicle and racking up kills while being a noob. I like a balanced game and i think the speed on the wasp should be nerfed just a bit. The last thing i wanted to mention is the Hydra. This is the one weapon/thing that i find to be buggy/inefficient and that’s because when i used this thing it is inaccurate. Sometimes it locks on and other times it doesn’t but it definitely gets me killed because it’s unreliable. I’m not sure if i am using it properly but i’ve only been playing the game for roughly about 4-5 hours. Other than any of the flaws i expressed, I love the game!!! A major improvement from Halo 5 I’m happy it’s back