Infinite MP not ok

What is happening to Halo MP? The weapons are way overpowered. You can’t see your enemies until they are right in front of you, then you’re dead.
Soo many things to mention that are trash. I won’t be playing this garbage. Maybe the campaign will be better :pensive:

I have the opposite opinion as you. Most of the guns are too weak to me, and enemies are incredible visible no matter what.

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I have a complete different opinon.

MA40 AR - For the first time balanced in a viable way. Nothing needs to be change on this AR as it is right now.
VK78 Commando - Slightly Under Powered, I believe that this gun can do more damaged since is a 20 bullet magazine with high recoil. This can create this gun not a must choose in the field when it could be better.
Pulse Carbine - Good gun but not as viable as you may think.
Plasma Pistol - Support Gun really functional on ranked matches if you know how to use it. I will give it a little more power on the plasma pistol when single shooting.
BR75 BR - This is a good gun, viable, but I believe that for a burst shooting gun I believe that is great.
MK50 Sidekick - Amazing gun, good balanced.
Disruptor - Fast-Phased Firing gun. Amazing firearm. I believe that the damage to shields should be way stronger. I mean you are sending electric bolts to someone but small damage to health, giving a good sidekick gun.
CQS48 Bulldog - I believe that this gun needs a little more lenght of the bullets. Since the shoots need to be really CQ.
S7 Sniper - No need to mentioned this gun. IS perfect as it is.
Needler - Love it- Keep it as it is. Maybe more boom in the sound.
Mangler - This gun is a beast when combining with meele.
Ravenger - Needs power, is great but it can be done better
Cindershot - Needs power.
Shock Rifle - Needs a little more of power with the shields.
Stalker Rifle - Good weapon, needs calibration.
Gravity Hammer - More radius of hit needed
Energy Sword - love it
Heatwave - Good gun, but if you hit all the burst can be better to do a two shot kill.
Sentinel Beam - Amazing
Skewer - We need to really do a topic in this gun. NEEDS A LOT OF POWER. i will do the full topic


Not being able to play just slayer or just flag etc is not cool. I felt I was wasting my time.

Trust me the weapons are very underpowered on this game it’s the lack of radar is why you get killed so fast but the weapons are pea shooters right now and it’s not good….

The sidekick is not amazing lmao stop lying to yourself….