Infinite MP Feedback

Adding my voice to the chorus here. For context, I’ve been playing Halo since Spring 2002 and played in every Infinite flight.

Overall, Infinite is amazing. To this day, I absolutely hate Halo 5. The way it looks, the way it plays - everything about it is repellent to me. Infinite really just nails that Halo feel. Artistically, stylistically, spiritually - this feels like the long-awaited sequel to Halo 3’s MP.

That being said, there are obviously issues.

BP Progression:

  • Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. This is the worst battle pass progression system I’ve ever seen (though, to be fair, I don’t play mobile games and I’ve played maybe 30 minutes of Battlefront 2). This system doesn’t need to be “looked at” or “worked on” - it needs to be demolished and redone from square one. It is a giant middle finger to players. My very first game a couple nights ago, I went 30-10 in BTB. Although my team didn’t win, I was by far the top performer in the entire match. It was pretty demoralizing to watch the progress bar move halfway to level 2. As is, there is almost no incentive to play objectives. You just have to pray that some of your teammates have challenges that apply to the gametype. I’ve even been guilty of this - I spent most of a Stockpile match trying to get a kill with the Disruptor pistol.


  • The vehicle distribution is kinda wack. It’s supposed to be a balancing mechanic, but I’ve played matches where the winning team gets a Wasp and a Banshee, and they proceed to dominate even more.

  • Large vehicles are barely seen, and they’re dropped in the middle of the action where they’ll be targeted en masse. I feel terrible for anyone who has a challenge to get Wraith kills - I’ve only seen one in my hours of playing (and technically I didn’t even see it, I heard it was being dropped in).

  • Although the BTB maps are large, they’re also “busier” than older Halos’ BTB maps. We need some maps with more open areas to really let ground vehicles do their thing.

  • The Chopper feels stiff and awkward to drive. The smaller, enclosed paths on BTB maps means the Chopper gets stuck a lot because of its huge turning radius.

  • Wasp is overpowered. Way too strong.

  • Banshee’s plasma cannons are weak.

  • Shooting drivers and gunners often seems to register as overall vehicle damage instead of killing the enemy player.

  • Grapplejacking is too easy. It should require pressing X as you approach.


  • Not much to say here. Most of it is great. But I hate the dropwall. The fact that you can shoot AND throw grenades through it is so unfair it’s ridiculous. At least the bubble shield in H3 meant the defender couldn’t shoot back either.


  • The Commando has been ruined by the nerf. It was great in the flights. One of my favorite weapons. And maybe I’m imagining it, but it seems like the recoil has been increased since the flights as well. I think it should just return to flight status.

  • The BR feels weak. Did they increase the bullet spread since the flights? So often I feel like I’m just hitting the enemy over and over, and they escape to cover. It felt much better in the flights.

  • The ONLY nerf needed for the AR is a slight accuracy nerf. It should require burst firing to be as accurate as it is. Noobs just hold the trigger and get easy kills.

  • Remove the bloom from the Sidekick, or reduce it dramatically. Gunfights become RNG even in close quarters. It sucks when your reticle is right on the enemy’s face the whole time and your shots aren’t landing because of bloom.

  • Did they nerf the Bulldog’s rate of fire since the flights? Feels slower to shoot. Felt great in the flights. Not worth picking up most of the time now.

  • Lens flare is ridiculous right now. It should only appear when someone is aiming right at you. As is, the entire enemy team knows your position once you scope in. Also, remove lens flare from things like the Commando and BR. It should only be on power weapons.

  • Gravity Hammer is broken. Its range is ridiculous. I can’t believe this wasn’t changed from the flights.


  • Behemoth is too big for 4v4. I feel like it would be perfect for 6v6, but I don’t know if that will ever be in a Halo game. Also, Snipers should NEVER spawn on this map. Way too dominant with the open sight lines. If one team gets both of them and they don’t completely suck at shooting, it’s game over right there.

  • I feel like Launch Site would be really big for 4v4 also, but I haven’t played on it yet. I went into it in Training and thought it might be a BTB map.

  • Rockets are too dominant on Streets.

  • The Energy Sword shouldn’t spawn for Strongholds on Reactor. Too dominant when the objective is to occupy small spaces.

  • As stated above, BTB maps don’t really allow very much freedom for ground vehicles. We need more maps like Sidewinder and Sandtrap to really let them shine.


  • Limiting certain coatings to certain cores is terrible. Just a terrible decision. Can’t believe it made it this far as is.

  • The shoulder pieces for the Mk. VB seem to move from the actual shoulder all the way down to the lower bicep at random. 343 has always struggled with this. Even throughout Halo 4, Chief’s shoulder pieces changed their location and alignment in almost every cutscene.

  • This goes along with BP progression, but the customization system is disgusting as it currently stands. Everything should be able to be earned through gameplay. I’m guessing these issues are thanks to some losers at Microsoft who wear suits and count money all day - there’s no way 343 could possibly think we’d be okay with the current system. They must’ve been forced into it by the MS overlords. There’s no other explanation.

Maybe I’ll think of more stuff to discuss later, but for now it’s kinda late. Thanks for reading, if you still are.


Great post. I agree with 99% of the stuff here.

And yes, Launch Site definitely feels too big for 4v4.

no mention of region selection. why? because apparently only north american players exist

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Well, if he is a North American player, he would not have experienced the region issues, so it would not be part of his personal feedback.

Adding some new thoughts and some that I forgot to post the first time.

BP Progression:

  • Good on 343 for giving out the first weekly reward to everyone next week, but these changes aren’t enough. As has been pointed out, this new system actually leads to gaining LESS xp over 12 games. 343 knows this. It’s incredibly frustrating, and that’s putting it politely. Why is it 50 xp for both arena and BTB? You should get more xp for BTB.


  • Boarding needs to be reworked. It’s rarely advantageous to do so with ground vehicles. The driver should be disoriented in some way.

  • Splatters should only happen at a vehicle’s top speed. I’ve been splattered quite a few times by vehicles that are barely moving.


  • I’d like to reiterate: The Commando has been RUINED by the damage nerf and increased recoil. For anyone who wants to tell me to burst fire or tap it, I have been doing that since the flights. I fire in 2-round bursts, and even then the recoil is insane. What role does this weapon fill now? In its current state it’s outclassed by the BR at mid range and outclassed by the AR at close range. In the flights, it wasn’t easy to use in the noob-friendly way that the AR is; it required steady aim and burst firing. Now it’s too weak and too random with the recoil. It MUST return to its former flight status.

  • Side-note to the above point, I don’t think it’s bad that the AR is noob-friendly, although as stated in my original post, I think it’s a bit TOO noob-friendly. It needs a slight accuracy nerf so players can’t just hold the trigger like they do now.

  • Serious question: why should I ever pick up the Disruptor? I only did it to get a kill for an xp challenge, and even then, I waited to pounce on an unshielded opponent to guarantee the kill. It takes 9 of its 10 shots to get a kill, and I was never able to EMP a vehicle with it. So what does it do?

  • Reiterating again, but something is definitely off with the BR. I felt like it was perfect in the flights. I get a perfect with it very occasionally, but most of the time I feel like I’ve hit my enemy with at least 5 bursts and their shields are barely down. For anyone who wants to tell me I’m not hitting them with all 3 bullets every burst, that’s kinda my point - why am I not hitting my shots now, but I was in the flights? My aim settings are the same, and I only feel like I’ve gotten better at this game since then. Something just doesn’t feel right.

  • If lens flare absolutely HAS to stay on non-power weapons (it shouldn’t), they can’t look the same. The Stalker and the Skewer have the same red light. The player depends on this information to decide whether to engage their attacker or seek cover. My decision could definitely change if I knew I was facing a 1-shot kill as opposed to a 3 or 4-shot kill.

  • The bullet drop on the Mangler seems a little extreme. It shouldn’t be removed entirely, but it should be decreased.

  • Anyone else feel like the Sniper hit registration is off? I’ve never been great with it, but there have been quite a few times where I missed and thought to myself, “that shot literally could not have been any more accurate.”


  • After more matches on it, Behemoth plays horrible in its current state. I love the map itself - everything about it absolutely nails the look and feel of Halo. But unless your opponents are truly terrible, you’re going to have a bad time on this map. 2 Snipers and a Ghost that can just drive around the perimeter spawn killing you the whole time? Horrible. You have 3 options when playing against a decent team: go out into the open and get sniped, stay around your spawn and get killed by the ghost, or go down into the interiors and receive a volley of grenades. Best-case scenario against a decent team is to have a complete stalemate CTF match. Spawn Skewers instead of Snipers (far less dominant than the Sniper AND you have a real option against vehicles), and replace the Ghost with the Gungoose. At least the Gungoose has to be pointing forward to shoot someone. The Ghost can just float around the perimeter and face inward the whole time.

  • Highpower: Why is the main gate/tunnel in the middle of the map not accessible on top? That would be a lot of fun (and a cool point to capture for Strongholds, imo).


  • Look, I love Joseph Staten as much as the next guy (which I assume is very much), but the Superintendent AI should sound EXACTLY like it did in ODST. I’m hoping they can just use the audio files of Joe’s voice work and apply the old sound effects of ODST over the top.


  • Let’s talk about aim for a minute. Stay with me throughout this analogy. Imagine you go to a restaurant for a number of years because you love the food (duh). The chef(s) do an excellent job of creating dishes and flavor profiles, which you order as an entire meal (again, duh). What options do you have at your table? Depending on the type of establishment, there’s probably some seasoning on the table, maybe some butter or jams or syrup if you’re getting breakfast. This is how Halo used to be: the devs made the aim as an overall package that the player could tweak by choosing their aim sensitivity and nothing else. Now imagine going to that same restaurant, but instead of whole meals, you can now pick every individual ingredient and make your own dish! In theory, this is cool, but whatever you make will never be on the same level as the dishes made by the professionals. This is how Halo is now, apparently; the devs throw every setting option at the player and tell them to figure out their own aim. It’s horrible! Sure, you’ll adapt to a certain degree, but why is it now the player’s job to create their own aim settings? Thankfully, the aim doesn’t feel as bad as Halo 5 (which was the worst-feeling FPS I’ve ever played, btw), but it definitely doesn’t feel as good as some of the games in MCC. So what if it lowers the skill gap a bit? Does it matter when everyone’s on even footing? Then you add things like huge recoil (Commando) or ridiculous bloom (Sidekick), and the aim feels twice as bad. And let’s make sure we’re looking at the big picture here: you and I might be able to tune our settings accordingly (I think? There are a million combos you could try before really knowing 100% what the perfect settings are), but more casual gamers - the ones who will try Halo for the first time to take a break from CoD or Apex or whatever, the ones who just play video games and don’t post on these forums, the ones who don’t even know that Halo novels are a thing - these gamers need to be able to pick up Halo Infinite and enjoy it to a certain degree. Not MASTER it, but play it and not go 0-20 and think to themselves, “Well I guess I’m never playing Halo again.”

  • Being able to choose colors for enemies, allies and fireteam members is great, but it needs a fix for BTB. Whenever I play with my friend, we’re in the same fireteam/lobby in the menus. But then we go into the game and half the time we’re suddenly in different fireteams. Why? I don’t care that we spawn in different spots or whatever, but he should be the only player on my screen whose name is green (my fireteam’s designated color). If I want to help/follow him, I have to search through a sea of blue names.

  • A lot of people have said this, but the HUD needs to change. If nothing else, you should always be able to see ALL of the grenades you’re carrying.

Playlists/Game Modes:

  • Stockpile is great and all (not my favorite), but the power seeds should reset once either team scores. Or maybe the team who didn’t score can only keep 2 at the most?

  • Something is off with Ranked Arena. It’s the only mode where I’ve lagged and disconnected entirely from a match, and it’s also the only mode where I have DEFINITELY been shot through walls.

  • I queue for solo/duo, but I’m 99% sure I’ve matched against full teams. Played a couple matches where my whole team was unranked (and noncommunicative) and the entire enemy team were diamond ranks (and freakishly coordinated). Definitely was not fun.

  • Ranked and competitive do not have to be the same thing. This was one of the very few things Halo 5 did well (and possibly older Halos, but I don’t know). Competitive/HCS/Hardcore (or whatever) was a specific playlist within the larger category of ranked playlists, and I think it should be that way in Infinite as well. Nothing wrong with HCS settings, I respect the people who play that way and am looking forward to watching Infinite’s esports, but if all ranked playlists are HCS settings, I think the population will dwindle rapidly.

Again, maybe I’ll think of more stuff later, but it’s that time again. Thanks for reading again, if you did.