Infinite MP Feedback from Long-Time Halo Fan

Hey all!

I just wanted to give my 2 cents on Halo Infinite’s MP, what I love, what needs to be fixed/changed, and my general thoughts. Just some background, I am a long-time Halo player/fan and have been playing for 20 years (since CE). I am also rather skilled at it too so this feedback isn’t coming from someone who struggles and is looking for a place to -Yoink!- lol. Also, I am playing on PC so be aware my perspectives are from PC. I also played the previous flights as well.

Let’s start with the good:

Weapon Balance: Personally, I find all the weapons to be pretty well balanced. There is nothing that really sticks out as being very overpowered or underpowered. My favorite thing is that the AR is actually useful in MP now, as opposed to virtually all previous Halos where the AR was so underpowered that it was virtually useless in MP. Honestly, it is probably my favorite weapon in the game right now. Seriously, I love that the AR is actually useful, I’ve always griped about underpowered ARs in previous Halos. It’s too iconic to not be useful. The only weapon I think that needs a buff is the Rocket Launcher against vehicles. The fact that a direct hit to a warhog isn’t an insta kill is kinda ridiculous IMO. I’ve dumped 3 rockets to the back of a Wrath and it wasn’t destroyed. So other than that, I think the weapons are pretty well balanced.

Overall Feel, Looks, and Gameplay: The game, overall, plays and feels good. It definitely plays more like “older” halos than H4 and H5 did, which is very good. The graphics are nice and the game runs pretty smooth especially considering it’s still technically in beta.

Potential Infinite already is significantly better than H4 and H5, and has the potential to become one of the best Halos. It has a great base and is certainly a great step in the right direction. If what needs to be fixed is fixed, it will be a winner, no doubt.

Now For What Needs To Be Fixed

First and foremost, melee mechanics: This is the ultimate example of trying to fix something that ain’t broke. The melee mechanics of all the previous Halos, especially H3 and Reach worked perfectly fine, smooth, reliable, and consistent. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Infinite. The melee mechanics in Infinite are Broke AF. The “lunges” are very unreliable, melee hits fail to register constantly (one time I literally ran up behind a sniper and meleed him 3 or 4 times in the back and none registered), and to top it off the non-collision element makes things 10x worse. Meleeing through an enemy only to have them back-hit you is very aggravating. The melee mechanics need to be completely Alt-Control-Deleted and rebuilt. Preferably back to the old, reliable, and not broken system used in H3 and Reach. I think this is a VERY well-known complaint and is something literally everyone agrees on.

No Collision As I already stated above, the non-collision with enemies causes problems with the melee mechanics, but also causes problems in other parts of the game as well, and IMO has the potential to be abused. I can understand non-collision with allies, but with enemies, it’s just a bad idea. There needs to be collision with enemies.

Vehicle Mechanics Vehicles, particularly wheeled vehicles (warhog & mongoose) feel clanky and awkward. They don’t drive or operate as smooth as those in CE, H2, H3 or Reach. Other vehicles such as the ghost feel fine (ghost actually feels best of any Halo IMO), but many just don’t feel right and are awkward, Banshee included.

Battle Pass As many, many others have stated, the battle pass progression is way too slow. But my biggest complaint is how you level up. There is nothing wrong with challenges to give you extra XP, but when that becomes the only avenue for XP, that is an issue. The biggest being that there is ZERO incentive to play well, play the objective, and win. Everyone is more concerned about challenges than they are about winning the game. Which is very frustrating for people like me who enjoy playing the objective and playing to win. Half the time I get a team who couldn’t give a single damn about the objective or whether or not they win. If you are going to go the battle pass route, you need to incentivize playing well, playing the objective, and winning games. The better you play, the more XP you get. MVPs on both teams should get extra XP etc… this puts skin in the game rather than just running around getting mangler kills.

Lack of game modes and maps I understand that the MP is still somewhat in beta and more maps and game modes are likely coming down the pipe, but it would be nice to have more game modes, particularly in Big Teams. And please, for the love of god, add blood gulch. What is halo MP without a blood gulch map?

Crashing and random glitches Infinite is still struggling with a handful of random glitches (most of which are either funny or just more annoying than anything). The funnier ones being the weird game-start glitches where Spartans are in odd places, but some are annoying such as Menu music playing during a game, the never ending black screen during a game start, etc… The most annoying thing for me however, is game crashes. I’m running a pretty damn good PC, but I still struggled with mid-game crashes. The problem has progressively gotten better over the flights and over the weeks since launch, but it still exists. I had to put the graphics on low and turn off high res textures on steam to curb the problem significantly.

Final Comments: Overall, I am loving Infinite and I am very excited for the campaign release. It really is a big step in the right direction of bringing Halo back to its roots. If these issues are fixed right, Halo infinite will definitely be a MASSIVE success and will be loved by the Halo community like the Pre-H4 Halos.

What are your thoughts?