Infinite Monetization: A Modest Proposal

By now everyone has made it known how they’ve felt about the progression for Infinite so I’d like to instead list a couple of things I’d like to suggest as solutions, some simple others complex. I hope this at least gives you, 343i, a sense of what measures you need to take to start getting things back on track.

First, is the most straightforward, shop prices. I think right now you could halve the price of everything in the store and they’d still be on the pricey side. There’s very few cases where those full armor packs for 2000 credits seem reasonable, $20 for one armor set is painful and with how little customization options currently available it comes across as very predatory. Including more in a pack and lowering prices would be pretty simple to do and would be a very meaningful gesture to the community.

With the easy one out of the way lets move on to the tough stuff and to start lets do coatings. Coatings for armor should be universal, the current core locked system is antithetical to your claim that coatings allows for greater armor personalization. I don’t know how coatings work under the hood but based on your claims this should be a feasible alteration. I think this should be changed sooner rather than later, the more coatings we have available the more annoying and cumbersome the current system will be. Right now a lot of players are using the most basic coatings so they haven’t noticed how annoying this could be to crafting a spartan that feels like theirs. The second a coating comes into play that matches my color combinations, I’m going to snatch it up and I’d be very annoyed if that coating doesn’t support the armor I’d also like to wear. And I can guarantee that same feeling will happen to plenty of other players when a similar situation happens to them.

Now onto the battle pass, lots of people are angry at progression but I think this is partially due to a lack of interesting options supplied by the battle pass. There’s little reason to use the free battle pass at all, most of the free rewards are xp boosts and challenge swaps which a free player has little use for considering they don’t gain much from progressing in the battle pass. My suggestion is that you should split the boosts and swaps evenly so a free player gains half of the boost/swaps and give the other half to the premium route. I also think the pass needs way more items in it, especially coatings. If the Mark V(B) core is part of the premium route then all armor pieces for that core should be in the battle pass. The bots, promotional materials, and armor kits prove that there’s more armor pieces for the core and it would feel very inconsiderate to sell armor in the store for an armor core that a player has already paid for. I think people would be less annoyed with the current xp rates if the battle pass had more items to unlock within it.

And lastly, but in my opinion something few people seem to be talking about. Which is a bit hard to concisely explain what I desire but hopefully I’ll get my idea across. I think all armor pieces should be viewable in the armor hall. Right now you’re only showing stuff that is in the battle pass or the store rotation. I understand this means you’re only showing what’s currently obtainable but it makes the customization options for Infinite look pitiful and restrictive. Throw in the armor pieces that’ll show up in the upcoming events and just overtly tell people that its tied to that event. I think people would be more accepting of waiting for armor if they could see that more options are coming up. I think back to Reach where I could see the armors and even though the grind to get said armor was a long way off I was still excited to work towards it. This is especially apparent with the Mark VII core, which despite being the main core has only a handful of pieces for it. The extensive and well made UI for customization feels wasted on the pitiful number of armors currently available. There’s no reason to use the linking and favoriting system when there isn’t even enough pieces to fill the UI.

Now I hope my suggestions sound reasonable and hopefully obtainable for the development team to accomplish. I think substantial change needs to happen before the holidays otherwise many players are going to assume the progression issues will remain. I also want you guys to be able to take your holiday break in peace, and if no changes are made before that time it’ll just be weeks of the community being able to talk itself into a negative mindset. I’m sure you guys can right the current issues with the system but I’m worried that if you take too long it may come after people have already written off the game.