Infinite "looks" really bad

While the actual game might play well, graphically it’s a massive downgrade from the two trailer’s you released prior.

What really shocks me is, after 5 years of silence, 2 “in engine” trailers and confirming directly pre-show that this was “the most polished piece” of Infinite, the visual were so bad that game immediately became a meme.

Maybe the gameplay will be epic, but I doubt it. I think you’re way, WAY behind where you should be development wise. Everything about what you showed felt under cooked. Like Crackdown 3, Anthem and Andromeda before it, I think you’re going to release a disastrous product that is nowhere close to being finished.

  • Flat lighting
  • Extremely low res/missing textures (has zero to do with 4k, those textures’s wouldn’t look good in 20k)
  • Horrible pop in
  • Terrible, flat “minecraft”-like environment (who approved this?!)
  • Sound design just as bad (Warthog sounds terrible)
  • Low poly assets
  • Static foliage lifted right our of last gen.
  • Terrible, flat “water-like” explosion effect’s
  • Looks nothing like your engine trailer
  • Where’s the graphical showcase that is the Slipspace Engine?
  • Where’s the “wow” factor of next gen?

The gameplay had better be good, it’s the ONLY thing you have at this point. Delay the game, don’t try to release it thinking you can fix it later. Better games than this have tried.

Been playing since CE. Very disappointed in you 343i. Infinite looks awful.