Infinite keeps crashing, can't even get to the title screen

I open it, and the window pops up, and closes two or three seconds after. If I am extremely lucky, I get to see the UNSC emblem on the top right for a split second. I’ve fully updated my drivers, checked my firewall settings, internet, everything on my laptop is perfect. Why is this game not working?

don’t have it on steam. it’s on my XBox game app. I uninstalled it and re-installed, still same issue.

Poop. Uh… that I am not sure of how to fix, try to ‘library’ portion of the forums, and see if there are any posts about it. This will probably be moved and/or closed because it’s not there, but that’s the most help I can give you bud.

Also, Hey Com~, I know you’re cyberstalking me. <3

appreciate you for trying. have a great rest of your day/night!

You as well, and a great weekend.

Also, Hey Com~, I know you’re cyberstalking me. <3

Same Issue. Tried everything.

Same here. Did you find any solution yet?

I sent them a ticket and they just answered that they dont have any workaround soo wait until the next update

it was my anti-virus, despite the fact i set said antivirus to allow the game to run. i uninstalled the AV.

Did anyone else tried this?