Infinite Issues (Minor Bug and Complaint)

I have heard good things about developer feedback with the community so I am going to put in my own two cents with the stage of the multiplayer as it is right now.

As 343 already knows, there are several issues with the game, but some are more troublesome then others. I am here to list one minor bug and a personal complaint that many might have.

Bug: Every time I load up the game and play a match, i notice that my Spartan ID is consistently removed until I re-add it back in. Its a very minor gripe, but I want to feel like an individual spartan with my ID that I have used for years. It shows up in a lobby, but when a match begins with your fireteams intro, its gone. Please fix this 343.

Complaint: I get the point of the battle pass. Everyone understands the point of the battle pass. But this is not about that. This is about ranking. Why is there no casual ranks? And i’m talking about from Private to General or what ever the highest rank would be. Why is there no EXP gain for that like in the MCC, where the medals that you get for doing certain feats in multiplayer (like getting a killstreak) actually feel rewarding?

I get the challenges are there for the battle pass, but can’t you make it so that doing well in a match feels rewarding? Whether that is for getting a bunch of medals, getting a great K/D ratio, or focusing an objective in that kind of game mode. All of these do not feel the very least rewarding when all I get at the end of it is just a simple 50Xp for completing a match. Season 1 for multiplayer is already active despite it being ‘a beta’, so why can’t there be a casual ranking like you guys did in the MCC? That at the very least felt rewarding for completing matches and feats during the match, as the aspects such as the medals added up at the end of it.

Its not very fun when you or other teammates contribute to a game and get rewarded with only a measily 50xp for all that time and work put in, when someone else can just AFK for the entire game and do nothing and get the same exact thing. I’m not even saying to add stuff to the battle pass, but make all the time and effort that one does in a match feel more rewarding than just a simple “Complete a match - 50XP” .

Reward your players for doing well, or even above average. The gameplay is great (with a few minor bugs here and there that I’m sure will get fixed), but its need to feel more rewarding than just battle pass experience, especially for those who like the play casual game modes (which is the majority of the playerbase).

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