Infinite is very frustrating (Long Thread)

This will be a LONG thread but the TLDR is Halo Infinite is a great game that is being stunted by issues in too many areas in the game.

Now I will go into detail about everything I can think of that I personally believe would change Infinite for the better:

Not much needs changing here aside from Network Co-Op, Splitscreen Co-Op, Mission Replay and hoping for more story in the future.

Forge looks great. Havent seen any evidence of PVE stuff in forge so if that isnt in the release version of forge hopefully that can be added in the future. All forge needs is for the file browser to be fully functional and a good customs browser and that will keep the social side of Infinite thriving indefinitely.

I believe Firefight (or some variation) should return to Infinite and be expanded upon massively, I really think it could become Halo’s version of COD Zombies. They could implement an Easter Egg quest, boss fight and ending cutscene to every map. They could expand it in many ways.

Ok this is the big part that needs the most improvement.

Ranked needs more variety and playlists to choose from. Here are all the playlists I would ideally like to see in the Ranked offering soon:
Lone Wolves: 6 Player Ranked FFA
Doubles: 2v2 Ranked Slayer
Arena: 4v4 Ranked HCS (Oddball, Strongholds, CTF, KOTH)
Slayer: 4v4 Ranked Slayer
Attrition: 4v4 Ranked Attrition
Featured: Weekly/Monthly Rotating Ranked Playlist (4v4 S7 Snipers Only, 1v1 Slayer, 6/8 Player FFA S7 Snipers, 4v4 SWAT Slayer, 4v4 SWAT Attrition, Ninja Slayer, etc.)

The playlists that absolutely need to be added are Lone Wolves, Doubles and Attrition. Lone Wolves gives players a way to express individual skill as a solo player. Doubles allows you to play as a smaller scale team and is still good for solo players compared to 4v4 modes. Attrition is a great mode and currently is only available in Quick Play. It deserves a dedicated playlist and being quite an intense mode should have its own ranked playlist and it also gives more variety to ranked.

The matchmaking in Ranked should just be based around matching the same ranks together rather than based on tightly matched using the hidden MMR stat.
Also CSR shouldnt hold you so tightly tethered to your MMR stat. It should allow you to climb as high as you can before you start getting hit back down the ranks if you cant keep up. A more natural progression through the ranks should be allowed to happen, which is why the placement cap should be Gold 1. Creating more of a natural progression while climbing the ranks allows people to feel like they are making good progress when they play well and fairly punished when they dont.
The CSR should not sky rocket you to the rank the MMR stat thinks you deserve then grind you to a halt and pull you sharply back if you stray too far. That isnt fun and doesnt feel rewarding even if you play well.

Lastly in Ranked playlists I believe you should only spawn with one frag grenade rather than two. This will promote more scavenging and alleviate some nade spam problems without any direct nerfs to grenades. Having 4 grenades flying at you at the start of every game will feel a lot better than 8.

The sandbox in Infinite is actually very good but I do think some minor changes could improve it.

Plasma pistol feels pretty weak. The tracking feels inconsistent and the gun just overall feels weaker than previous games.

S7 Sniper feels pretty bad in Infinite. The glare definitely needs removing or at least toning WAY down. The bloom also needs removing or toning WAY down. The zoom of each scope should be lower. Making the normal scope 4x zoom would massively improve how it feels.

Gravity Hammer feels awful with how slow it is, it needs to be fast like other Halos.

Battle Rifle could potentially have SLIGHTLY slower bullet velocity. It should NOT feel slow like Halo 3s, but slightly slower would help for BTB. The BR should feel exactly the same in Arena range maps but for the extreme BTB map ranges you should have to lead your shots a little bit. That way you could spawn in BTB with the BR.

Bloom overall needs to be removed or toned WAY down for pretty much all weapons and the drop weapon animation should be the same speed as switching weapons. Its making too many combos too strong.

The events could do with some improvements. They are fine but could be much more exciting.
The Christmas event for example could be massively improved. Do what they did in Halo 5 with adding snow to the maps and have snowflakes falling during gameplay. Then go further and add some Christmas lights, trees, presents, decorations to the maps too just to make the gameplay feel more Christmassy. Make the armour more uniquely Christmas themed too. Maybe add some snow markings to event armour pieces, add a Santa hat to the helmet, have Christmas style armour effects and kill effect animations, have armour pieces wrapped in Christmas lights, etc. And make a unique snowball fight mode for the Christmas event or something.
Going big and unique with the events builds more anticipation for them throughout the year. Do the same with a spooky theme for Halloween, Easter theme, Summer theme, etc. Games like Destiny and Call of Duty have done this well in the past so take inspiration from them.

Social will be hugely saved by Forge so it is more important for Social to cover the basic areas rather than needing to cover everything. There could be a few standard playlists like Slayer, Rumble Pit, Last Spartan Standing, BTB, Quick Play, Doubles and SWAT. Then have a couple rotating rotating playlists like Fiesta, Team Snipers, Shottys and Snipers, Low Gravity, Infection, Grifball, etc. Whatever they want to add similar to how MCC handles the Social Playlists.

This is pretty simple the Desync needs fixing ASAP. Connection problems need fixing. Crashes need fixing.

Matchmaking needs to be looked at and re-evaluated. The social modes need WAY looser SBMM. Use the principles of the Halo 3 matchmaking where they wanted to provide a variety in the social modes between closer and looser matched games. Good connections should be prioritized at all times. Also give the power to the players to choose how they want to matchmake like in previous Halos. Give people the choice between prioritizing Skill Prioritized MM, Connection Prioritized MM, Region Prioritized MM.

The game needs to offer a better sense of Progression. The new Halo Waypoint Service Record is great, but needs to be in the actual game. It also needs to be viewable to anyone view in matchmaking/friends lists.
The game really needs an XP based Account Level. This could be a military rank like Halo 3. This could be a title like Halo Reach. This could be Spartan Rank 152 (or even higher) from Halo 5. This could literally be anything as long as it feels rewarding and feels like good progression. Just needs something to keep progression alive during game time and to show off on your service record.

Customization is actually pretty decent in Infinite at a base level but it has too many unnecessary restrictions. Cross core is necessary to make customization better to start with. Coatings should be available across all armour. Buying things from the store needs to feel worth it so ideally they need to be available across all cores. We also need stuff like animated visors, animated nameplates, etc. like the MCC offers. Maybe even animated weapon and armour coatings if possible. Coatings need to be much more than basic colors otherwise that just feels like something taken away from us that we had in previous Halos.

That’s pretty much everything I can think of. It may seem like a big list of demands but really it comes from a place of seeing how much potential Halo Infinite has and wanting it to succeed. There may be more I haven’t included but a game can ALWAYS get better and its important to keep pushing 343 to make Infinite the best they can.


Good list. Well expressed. Solid suggestions.

I wouldn’t get too hopeful for PVE stuff in Forge. There is definitely some bot stuff to play with - so that’s at least a start.

I’m happy with Slayer and Objective games being combined. Before Infinite I would have played nothing but Slayer - but the mix works.

Not sure about Attrition in Ranked…

Love the idea of rotating lists. It could even be down to daily changes. eg. Tuesday night = Classic Snipers.

Matchmaking needs to stay on the MMR - after that is what it is designed for. I agree that the CSR needs to change - but I would instead change the scale and cap it with a maximum value. You’ve asked to keep it open ended but I worry that just promotes toxic play to grind more points.

The natural progression you want needs to come from the XP rank.

Is there actually bloom on the Sniper?

I like the Gravity Hammer with the slow wind up. But I think it needs to do a bit more damage, or at least have an increased knockback radius to compensate.

Yep. DESYNC DESYNC DESYNC. They need to fix it. Ditch the original Xboxes if they have to. Get rid of curb sliding if that’s a factor. Whatever it takes. Players need to have confidence in the engine / game mechanics.

I’m happy with the SBMM in Social. But I agree player’s should have a choice. Preferably a slider of connection vs skill match. Or at the very least a minimum ping we can set to play.

Hell yes for the XP progression system. Weight it to wins and performance.

Oh no you don’t :joy:

It’s a hell of a lot more then just the issues in the game. 343 as a developer is a huge issue with the vary poor decision they have made and they continue to make for the game that has made matter worse with infinite.

We can make a mile long list of things that would improve any game, but when a developer isn’t interested improving things that anyone can easily see by looking at a developers actions that literally show the truth? You could make a 50 mile long list of things that could improve any game and it literally wouldn’t matter.

I might get flagged or whatever for this, but I rather face the truth then lie to myself or others for that matter, but 343 is the wrong developer for a game like this.

Reason being is that the game is being handled only for profit, not the quality work the original Bungie that cared enough to actually put effort into designing Halo. Actually, a hell of a lot more effort than I have seen most businesses do these days because it wasn’t all about profit. The game is barebone vs other Halo titles, yet it’s being handled as a complete game, shop and all…

Yeah, there is something majorly wrong with this picture.

I played for almost the entire day yesterday and must say it didn’t really make me want to play any more. I did enjoy Rumble Pit, it was fun. Team slayer was ok but only played three games of it. Tactical Slayer is toilet as all “swat” but grudgingly played two games for the challenges. BTB was on as well… Halo Infinite has the stuff for a great game but just lack of features and polish is just blatantly obvious. #1 social needs a basic match composer. If I could at least select between objective and Slayer for FFA and btb that would be awesome. I don’t mind some objective in FFA from time to time but I loath it in BTB. #2 a way better progression system is desperately needed. Something more like MCC system would be a step in the right direction. #3 better multiplayer maps are really needed. So many small compact maps with escape routes every where…btb maps that aren’t very vehicle friendly at all. I would love to see a bit more open maps that really encourages gun play and less jumping round running like power rangers or something. I played a lot of games yesterday but thinking back it seemed like I only played on like four different maps between FFA, 4v4 and btb. There is little in map diversity and no wow factor in any map really.

i want everything in the events section of the thread, like the Summers of Zeta event, how the campaign is now look like summer and at winter it would be cool to have falling snow and snowflakes and everywhere christmas trees, maybe grunts decorating it while driving by, and that we get a santa hat and decorated christmas tree lights, and at summer often long waves of water must flood the zeta ground, and surfboards and beach balls, and the razorback must get a jacuzzi and the gungoose should be able to fire water balloons

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For what it’s worth, battle rifle is hitscan. Which means it’s infinite speed bullet travel. As are most guns in the game.

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But remember, The Custom Games Area Is Still Broken! Now, Forge will be great IMHO but it will be useless without a Custom Game Browser.

Side Note:

We need our own dedicated server software like we had for Halo Combat Evolved And Halo 2 for Custom Games and be able to save our Custom Modded Maps and Modded Custom Game Modes on our own storage devices!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Thats what I meant. With a file browser to find all the content people make and a customs browser (custom game browser), Forge will keep the social/non ranked side of Infinite’s multiplayer thriving indefinitely; seeing as there are basically unlimited possibilities with it and no longer will people need to rely on 343 to be able to play the maps, modes, etc. that they want to.