Infinite is the worst campaign in the IP's history. Not worth $60

All the build up from 4 and 5 and the “writers” at 343i decided to… resolve Cortana and her Guardians off screen. Really? Did you forget the time when you had The Infinity drive through a Covenant capital ship? I think maybe you did, 343, when you had that same ship destroyed in “4 minutes”. Lol, I could write better fan fiction in my spare time.

I’ll try to refrain from a ranty, wall-o-text and just give you the problems as I, a fan since 2001 (and consumer of Halo books, comics, etc), see it.

  • Story (what little is there is) is laughably bad, convoluted and, AGAIN, you are telling instead of SHOWING.
  • Echo 216 is a walking downer. How did we go from characters like Johnson, Keys, Buck, Locke, Lasky to… this?
  • Why does Fauxtana (aka “The Weapon”) always have “derp” face? Even real Cortana looks a bit derpy. Halo 5 looks so much more professional in so many ways.
  • Why does this Halo ring have only ONE biome?
  • Why did you set this game on a ring that is brimming with lore and do NOTHING with it?
  • Are the “Xalanyn” (lol really?) the Precursers? If so… why? Why aren’t they “dust” like the rest? Did you retcon the Precursors out because “Flood” characters will give the game a “M” rating? What the hell is going on?!
  • So no real conclusion to the “Reclimation saga”, now some Disney Star Wars looking alien is all about the “Reformation”? Please tell me you didn’t pay the writing staff.
  • How are The Banished more capable than Cortana and her Guardians?
  • Wheres the Spirit of Fire? Wheres Blue Team? Where Osiris? Wheres Arbi?
  • No coop, no forge, no replaying campaign missions.
  • Took the premise of an explorable Halo ring and just did a copy/paste Far Cry knockoff. With copy/paste Forerunner interiors. What were you doing for SIX YEARS?
  • Time travel. FFS you guys are just out of ideas aren’t you?
  • The gameplay is good.

Thats literally all this has, good gameplay. Everything else is shockingly subpar for a Halo game. 6 YEARS… for this. No thanks.

343i clearly DO NOT CARE. The problem is, if the stewards of Halo don’t give a damn, why should a 20 year fan and consumer of Halo merch continue to care?

Strike three 343i. That’s my feedback. Do with it what you will, I’m out.


Yeah but he’s relatable/realistic. The dude is not simply a coward, he wants to see his family again. He respects and admires Chief, but in the back of his mind all he thinks of is ‘home’

Its presumed they’ll end up explaining how all of that unfolded, now does that mean it’ll be satisfactory? No. But I am confident they’ll touch on that part of the story at some point.

This is the most important part of your post.

Stories are typically very subjective, but lack of basic features is not. Paying $60 for a Campaign you can’t even play with friends is just a horrible use of money. I’d recommend waiting about a year when the price goes down and they finally release Co-op.

This has been argued to death, but it is obvious there was a lot of cut content from this game. Does that justify anything? No. They had plenty of time to do everything they wanted to and then some. Just me saying that they planned it to be more impressive, it just ended up lackluster.

Anyways I was just about to make a post myself about the same subject, so thanks for sparing me time :slight_smile:


You hear that 343? Grab this guy a cardboard pin with the words “Storyboard Director” written on it in sharpie.


100% my guy

watch the credits like 70-80% of the game was outsourced

IMO chief should left him to die and carried on with his mission and just ignored esch all together

my god this whole game felt like it was some brute’s fan-fic

but we learn he doesn’t even have a family

no I’ve heard its going to be in a future novel coming out soon

these two things were the biggest let down of the entire game, there was more lore in all of H3 than in this game they could at least have had video terminals like in CE A, and H4.

Every character is so cringy for the halo universe. the boss’s are like 90’s villain level bad. and their taunts when you die are just pathetic, in H5 with IWHBYD on when an elite would kill you sometimes it would say, “say my name ,say it” but no in this game the bosses just insult you if I wanted this I’d go back to High school. 117’s line about Esch when he dies is so out of character it’s not even funny. The pilot is super whiny you’d think living on infinity without any family he’d of made some friends, and watching them all die should make him want revenge but no all he wants to do is save his own skin.

this was a major hole in the plot like the size of the sinkhole in that corvette museum a few years ago big. we know brutes aren’t exactly the smartest, so how the hell did they outmaneuver the most powerful smart A.I. ever created and why did she just give up instead of using her guardian’s to wipe out the banished fleet.

I really wish they would have lets us play out the fight of Infinity’s destruction. Instead what we got was some cheap action scene directed by Michael Bay. seriously I said it in another post but it bears repeating, do the people 343 outsourced to even know how strong a spartan is? that jumping upper cut John gave Atriox would have shattered every one of his teeth broken his jaw and quite possibly his neck too. I mean FFS SPARTANS CAN FLIP A 60 TON TANK…

every single one of those empty hallways could and should have been fill with enemies.


He’s assumed they died. Are you really trying to imply 216’s hologram was somebody else’s family?


I would rather have this campaign over what crap that was halo 5’s story was


I honestly really liked the campaign, a lot.
I don’t think it’s storytelling is on Halo 2 or Halo 3 by any means, but the open world is awesome and I liked the story.


Sir with all due respect, this post doesn’t sound very optimistic or Halo-vibes. Are you sure you aren’t from the COD community? Did you even play the previous Halo’s (1,2,3,4,5, Reach, ODST, Wars, Wars 2)? I do not understand the meaning behind this post. Can someone elaborate please?


I liked the gameplay but the story seemed really disappointing.

Allegedly 2/3 of the planned content was cut which possibly explains a lot of that. I was also hoping to see more of some of the characters shown off in the trailer, like the Spartan killer, his onscreen time was basically the entirety of what you saw in the trailer, he was teased for so much of the game then he’s about a 1 minute fight.


I think we all wanted more Jega in our lives. Such a stud.


I do however 100% agree with that.
I think it could’ve been so much better if they didn’t allegedly scrap most of the planned content.

I wish he got more time in the story.

That’s one of the things that really disappointed me the most.

Sounds like you set yourself up for disappointment. Personally I enjoyed the story, and look forward to the future campaign DLC. I wanted to see more of the banished and that’s exactly what we got. The weapons teeth are a little unsettling but otherwise the game looked great.


Well you only see the story from Chief’s perspective, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to be any more involved.

If they ever decide to do prologue to Infinite I would like to see more of the guy though, he was obviously very impactful to the events before MC came.

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no what i’m saying is his family is dead if they were on infinity you’d think that he’d at least want revenge but like i said all he wants to do is save his own skin

we should’ve had more than one fight with him TBH

yeah that sounds fun, repeating boss battles :roll_eyes:

That would make him Warden Eternal 2.0.

Also, when would the first take place? Why would it make sense in the overall narrative? Jega follows orders word for word I take it, so I don’t see any reason that would happen.

What you are asking for is fanfiction.


I wouldn’t say it’s the worst, but damn is it uninspired. For a story that is supposed to be a spiritual reboot to Halo CE, it lacks the charm, variety and the development that the original had.

Halo Infinite is visually repetitive, featuring mostly forerunner hallways (which do look magnificent) and the open world. The latter really does nothing for the campaign but throw off the pacing. The world is mostly mountainous terrain with nothing in it. Halo Infinite’s terrible vehicle sandbox and the open world go together like fish and chocolate.

Story wise it’s a mess really. The game is missing a cast of compelling characters. There’s once again a huge gap in the storyline between Halo 5 and Infinite filled with important events only explained in other media. The whole of Halo 5’s plot is dumped and replaced with a Cortana redemption story that didn’t make any sense. Escheraum lacked any sort of character development to make him and The Banished meaningful villains. They were mostly there as an excuse to shoot at Covenant species again. Finally the Endless shouldn’t have been a cliffhanger. Imagine if they did that with the Flood in Halo CE.


There were a few cutscenes that weren’t from Chief’s perspective, there are a few that are focused on Escharum and regardless they could have found ways to show off more of any of the characters really.

Escharum himself is a pretty good example. You only get to fight him once but you still get more than a minute of him.

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Agreed with pretty much everything you’ve said.

As for the Endless even using them as an excuse for a cliffhanger didn’t seem to carry much weight. Half the game you’re told about “The Endless returning” then they kinda do return but you just don’t get to see any of it. If they were trying to get me excited to finally see them they really haven’t.

343 just don’t seem good at using cliffhangers.

Halo 4 the Ur-Didact is back and pissed. Great cliffhanger, I’m ready for an epic continuation but then “oh he just gets killed off screen”
Halo 5 Cortana and all the AIs are going to subjugate the galaxy. Great cliffhanger, I’m ready for an epic continuation but then “oh Cortana just gets killed off screen”