Infinite is done

if the devs don’t -Yoink!- out an update fixing every single server and reg issue NOW this game is done for. it is literally unplayable. i have never in my life played ANY videogame with an issue this severe and constant.


but not all of us are having it…well correction…i can not play BTB…at all…ever it seems lol.
Other than that my games are easy to find and found quickly.
My connection feels fine and my shots feel fine.
Not denying you guys are having issues but we aren’t all having the same issues.
other than BTB and lack of content.


Don’t worry, it’s just a beta. All of that will be fixed when the full game is out in 10 years. Everyone just needs to be patient. 343 is a small indie dev team. They don’t have a lot of staff or money. It would be nice if they had a partnership with a big company like Microsoft, who could help them with these issues


Sorry you having issues. Hope they get sorted for you in the New Year.

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I have no serious issues. Sometimes I have to quit from the game selecting menu because it thinks multiplayer is not available, but that fixes it every time. I can play any games any time. In fact tonight I noted that the system finds games more quickly than any other version of Halo multiplayer. Once I click “Play” I don’t even have enough time to mess with my computer or iPad, it takes about 20-30 seconds to load and start the game.

I’m glad the multiplayer was free because this game is still in a beta. 3 weeks straight and BTB still doesn’t work. Ridiculous.


They’ve already said it will be fixed when they are back in the office. In case you haven’t noticed, most people are off work at the moment.

I was able to randomly join BTB once the other night, but not again since. I have noticed more issues since the new playlists got implemented, including the game dropping more frequently while searching for a match.

But anyway, I’ve still been getting some matches in otherwise.

Hopefully 343 can fix the issues, and players can keep the game alive and well.

I will probably get the last two days of the XMas event I’m still missing over the New Year, level up a little more, and then possibly take a hiatus for a while to focus on some other life stuff. I’m not quite sure how long I will be offline for yet.

I’ll miss this though. Back during the beta test I wasn’t thinking I would like Infinite’s multiplayer at all, but I’ve grown to like it quite a bit since then, probably more than reach, 4 and 5 at least. Halo Infinite has been a great last hurrah for 2021.

Is it? Cuz I’m playing constantly.

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That doesn’t change anything. If they’re not fixing it they’re not fixing it. They shouldn’t have released the game in the middle of November because there’s no way they didn’t know the game would have a bunch of problems. It was the same with the MCC.


Every time I load up the game I’m able to find matches constantly, shoot other players, move, and throw grenades. Everything I would expect out of an FPS. If it is “literally unplayable” to you, it may be an issue on your end.

Lol not launch before Christmas because of some minor issues? Get a grip. Game plays fine with the exception of BTB which broke after launch.

ftfy, nothing is broken it is this way by design

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It’s Halo 5 all over again

Honestly it’s not even that it’s a bad game…the BTB issue doesn’t bother me either…it’s that the game feels out dated a bit. It’s very repetitive. Lack of any kind of innovation. It’s a good halo game, but it doesn’t rlly do anything with its name. It’s just run of the mill halo experience. Atleast halo 5 had a new movement system to play with. This feels like halo 2 with maps and some equipment from halo3 with better audio and weapon feel. Like an expansion to halo 2 anniversary.

But I say that as a good thing. It really is a good game for what it is…it’s just not gonna hold me and I don’t think it’ll hold too many ppl for long. I was already feeling the repetition set in after a day or two of play and that stems from the fact that i feel like ive played this before.

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Guys play the Game. It´s not the issue that BtB is broken…the Game Servers runs like nuts. BR is sometimes 8sk, because bullets dont connect, rockets dont kill or you get shot behind walls in any playlist.
It has to be fixed, befor progresseion, or shop etc. It´s broken !
25ms ping and it runs like that ?
it´s worse than halo 3 ´s old peer to peer connection, with a host oversea.


its worse at least H5 had warzone


this was my entire point in the post. “im not having these issues” people say, so it must not be a problem. yeah, the game is hardly playable in this state.

And firefight eventually.

h5 does have a nice firefight minus warden