Infinite is all about money! (Cruel Player Limiting)

At this very moment I realized, with the help of @Jerryen_CZ, that this game is designed to take our money in the first place. So, go check out his Topic “6 reasons why (we all suffer)” to take a look from the view of an App designer why Halo Infinite is designed to generate lots of money and limiting the player more than you might think.

!Attention:! My points equal the points of @Jerryen_CZ a lot. Repititions to come.
The game itself feels like an improvement in every single point to all Halo titles in the past.
The graphics improved, the movement improved, the customizations are must haves and the game itself overall can be a lot of fun. Every Halo fan cannot wait for it.
BUT: If you look closer there are some crucial points where you can see that Halo Infinite wants your money through very cruel limitations.

    1. Customizations made a big step back from older Halos, you need to unlock Colour Sets in Infinite.
      In older titles you can choose between 3 or at least 2 different colours and combine them as you want FOR FREE, without unlocking them.
      Added to that a lot of helmets or armor pieces have a minimum of an impact to your Spartan but in the Battle Pass they represent a whole Level to unlock. For example, on Level x you unlock the right shoulder plate and one Level above, Level y, you unlock the left shoulder plate.
    1. VERY slow Battle Pass Progress, only via challenges that are limiting you to an absurd level like “Kill 1 Enemy in PvP with the Shade Cannon.” - There’s 1 map with 2 Shade Cannons, which is randomly chosen in “Big Teams” Mode and once they are destroyed, they won’t respawn. It takes so much time to even get the map and then killing an enemy in PvP took me like 20 hrs of playtime.
    1. VERY less free content - there are a few items for free, I’m playing without premium rn and after now almost 24 hrs of playtime I’ve unlocked 2 Challenge Swappers and 1 other Vizor Color. My Pass is Level 7.
      I feel like I played a week and unlocked almost nothing. My grinding endurance is constantly decreasing, I feel like I can play for days and unlock not much anyways. For me, it’s a no brainer that if you play the Game for free, you will unlock way too less stuff. The pass unlocks are not worth that ammount of time.
    1. Challenges designed to limit the hell out of you - If you take a closer look to the challenges with which you ONLY are able to progress your Battle Pass, you will find easy ones like “Complete a match” 50xp and some a lot more difficult like “Win 3 Ranked Matches” 300xp. To complete challenges first seems easy, you can do some by playing against Bots/PvE. But the more you do, the more you’ll see the air is getting thinner. There are A LOT challenges you won’t complete for multiple matches like “Kill an enemy in PvP with the Hook”, Yeah I’m a noob but why I am being punished for it? Or the challenge I mentioned in 2. Being stuck a lot is preprogrammed.
    1. Limitations over limitations - The Multiplayer Spartan is limited to a core. If you want to combine the Emile Helmet and shoulder pieces of the Yoroi Event Armor, nada. You cannot combine Armor pieces that belong to different cores. And thats already enough said here, if I play the f*** out of the game to unlock the Emile Armor, I want it to be combinable with all the other things I grinded.
    1. Pricing outta space - The price for the Premium Pass is okay. But if you go into the Shop or want to skip some Levels in the Pass you’ll see it gets way more expensive. Even by paying 20,00€, I can only jump up to 10 Levels, that’s absurd. It takes 200,00€ to buy all Levels in the Pass, thats buying the Campaign 3x times +.
    1. The Battle Pass is the problem. You also can offer a Season Pass full price equal to the Campaign for the Multiplayer and hand out your customization items instantly. But this would mean a lot of potential money more to get lost. It is sad to see how the profit hunt is growing so much that the players that made you come to this point, who took lifetimes to play Halo, are not as important to the developers as they should be.

Please 343, I absolutely can understand and relate that profit and growing is the essence of a company but this is getting too far here. We, the players, give you so much love and support, we do NOT deserve the Halo Infinite it is right now.
Thank you @Jerryen_CZ for your Topic.

-from a big Halo Fan