Infinite in a nutshell

A. Don’t quit games; it ruins the game for everybody and your desire to unlock cosmetics is not as important as people having fun playing the game. I agree the challenge system is stupid, especially without playlists, but of course you’re gonna get banned if you quit games and you should be.



-343i, on what they’re doing to make the game better for its community.


Had a challenge where I had to win 3 Stronghold matches, kept on leaving matches and was getting impatient so I swapped it, then got an even worse challenge where I had to return my flag 10 times. Just lol. Amazing system. I hate leaving matches as much as everyone else, but if I’m gonna get freak all XP then there’s no point in me staying in it.

Does anyone know how many games it takes for u to get banned? I swear I’ve left multiple games back to back for what seemed like 20 min straight and I never got banned. & how long is the ban for?

It was about 40 minutes of joining/leaving games. FORTY FREAKING MINUTES simply trying to get a single Slayer game. It was probably after leaving 10 games if I had to guess.

Real talk:

You guys honestly play games for unlocks and “content”?


People play games for a lot of reasons, but one of them defiantly isn’t playing modes they don’t want over and over again. Let people play the modes they want; I mean at a minimum they can add a dedicated slayer playlist for these guys.


I agree.

But the principle of a lot of these complaints appear to be that nobody is actually playing Halo to play Halo.

Yesterday I had three challenges related to capture zones. I’d be able to knock out all three in one game. 600xp easy, right?

Over 20+ games with no sight of that mode. And I’m not even joking. I started wondering conspiracies like the game matchmakes you away from the mode you need. I was perplexed how this was possible.

But despite that it’s all good because I’m playing Halo anyway. Challenges will come whenever. No hurry.

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Stop quitting. If you don’t have much time, you shouldn’t have bought the battle pass. Also I find it hard to believe you, about not having enough time, because you have time UNTIL MAY 2022 to complete it.
Everyone who quits should get banned unless the game crashes

Maybe halo isn’t the game for you then, 343 has made it clear, whoever quits gets banned, I agree 100%,

Also afk players get booted after a while and they get replaced by real players or other bots, you need to have patience because not every game is gonna go like you want, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose

Oh you think I quit? No I stick around having no fun in those games because someone though it be funny for people to be banned for quitting out of bad games while rewarding every other form of greifing. AFK players do not get kicked. Installing a rubber band to a controller or running a script to imitate pressing buttons is not hard. Hell some even comeback to click forward and go back to doing nothing.

The system does not care why you are not in the game. It give bans. Image some bored hacker making DDOS attacks. That would be a lot of quit bans.

What I need is for video games to not be treated as a 2nd and 3rd job and be allowed to be the senseless waste of time that they are. Feel free take your own advice and apply it to people who quit instead of going on and on on how they ruin your game experience. If you can’t do that than don’t tell other to have patience with AFKs, terrible team mates, K/D farmers and other griefers.

I get what you’re saying - but even in MCC where you can choose game modes people constantly leave too.

Leaving is more of a mentality issue than it is a game functionality one.

It’s almost as if they tried to model Infinite after Hyper Scape.

I’m convinced the matchmaking is programmed to avoid the gametype needed for your active challenges. A few weeks ago, I played 8 stockpile matches back-to-back.

When I had 2 active stockpile challenges, I didn’t see a stockpile game for 2 days (playing 3-4 hours each day).

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Okay this might be worth a collective investigation.

Maybe the number of challenges multiplies some kind of ‘Avoid’ percentage in the matchmaking.

There’s no way statistically I can avoid that many chances to play a capture zone match in a playlist with literally four modes out of over 20 games. That’s like winning Russian roulette, that only happen if it’s rigged.

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