Infinite, if it is dead, did not die because of "Content" or "343 Bad" - it died because it is Halo

I avoided making this post for a long time because I wasn’t sure if it would really add anything and because I felt like it would only give weight to the idea that “Halo is dead; 343 killed it”. But now with everyone else claiming it, or just making up crap, or constantly piling up on 343 for one reason or another I felt like it was time.

Because since the first month of Infinite, I knew it wasn’t going to “survive”. I knew it was going to see significant player drops if not outright actual death. How did I know that?

TL;DR - Because the game is too hard.

And what I mean by “hard” is that the mechanics and gameplay don’t cater to or make bad and casual players feel good about themselves; the mechanics do not regularly deliver (if at all) those dopamine hits and highs that keep people playing other popular games to bad and/or casual players.

It wasn’t going to be content, or bugs or anything else that made people stop playing Infinite; it wasn’t just going to be the pure, base gameplay and mechanics.

Now how did I know that?

I have two co-workers whom I’m not exactly friends with, but have played more than a few games with. We’ll call them Chad and Brad (not their real names, duh). They’re not unique except in one way; they’re pretty much the perfect, exact representation of the “modern gamer”. If EA, Microsoft and Ubisoft were to get together and design in a lab and grow the perfect Focus Testing Gamer Dude to base their products on, these two would be it. Hell, I secretly suspect that Ubisoft consults Brad directly when making Assassin’s Creed games and Activision holds Chad’s opinion on Warzone on the same level as Dr. Disrespect’s opinion.

They are the kind of people who try the newest CoD Beta, whine how much it sucks, then buy the game anyway to get guns and level them for Warzone and then spend an additional $40 buying cosmetics for that one CoD.

They wouldn’t know a “Hades” or “Metro Exodus” if it came up and punched them in the crotch.

If they were any more basic they’d have a Twitch Handle in their names and stream Fortnite.

They’re useful though, because I can pretty much gauge with high precision what the general public is going to think of a game based on how these two react and what they think of something (some exceptions apply) when they play it. Their experience with Halo was limited to “Played H2 a couple of times in high school” and “Played some Reach on my roommate’s Xbox in college”. So basically neophytes without any real pre-conceived opinions of Halo (that mattered anyway).

But I did get them to play some Infinite with me back in December, because I had been talking about it and they had seen all the ads and talk about it.

And they did exactly what I’m willing to bet hard $$$$ on that 90% of that “lost player base” that gets quoted around here did; they slammed into the wall that is Arena-Shooter gameplay mechanics and bounced off like the world’s fleshiest crash-test dummy.

I’d be willing to bet that if we surveyed that “lost” player base the vast majority of them quit well before any concerns about the store, or battle pass or cosmetics or content or bugs came into play. They quit for the same reasons Chad and Brad did.

  • Why don’t they die when I melee them? (It takes two melees to kill in Halo) That’s stupid.

  • Why do I have to shoot them multiple times to kill them? Who cares if they have shields a headshot should kill them!

  • Why can’t I pick what I spawn with?

  • Why is there only one Sniper on the map?

  • This Grappling Hook is pretty cool; why can’t I have this all the time?

  • Vehicles are so stupid. How am I supposed to fight back when I can’t spawn with Rockets or a Grenade Launcher or something?

  • Is there a Battle Royale mode or something instead of just these 4v4 modes?

  • ETC

Pick or choose which one most appropriate (these were all things Chad and Brad said in some form when I tried playing with them).

Above all else, when you look at all the games people will inevitably come in here and claim are better than Infinite because 343 ruined it, you’ll see a common trend; they “address” the issues present in these complaints - they provide a near constant supply of dopamine or adrenaline hits even for super bad players either through RNG or super forgiving mechanics or outright handholding or super-flashy things that even bad players get to do at least once during a match.

Infinite (and Arena Shooters in general) provides none of that. Infinite hands you a gun, kicks out the back of the Pelican and yells “Good Luck!”. You’ll find no RNG crates handing out Tier 3 gear that will let you just slap people outright. You won’t be able to win gunfights just by starting them first (most of the time). Weapons aren’t interchangeable and have different and specific functions that you need to understand. You won’t get handed anything flashy by default - you’re gonna have to fight for and MAKE the flashy happen yourself.

So ask yourself; why would any of those legions of modern gamers, who are almost exclusively after those highs, choose to keep playing Infinite when there are at least half a dozen other F2P games out there that DO provide all of that to them?

When you realize the answer to that question is “They wouldn’t” then you’ll understand the reason for a “dead” Halo game. If you still want to play 343, you can perhaps lay some blame for missteps at their feet, but you must also accept that it was time and demographics that drove the stake into Halo’s heart - anything else was just BM’ing a dying man at that point.

(And all this is before we even get into how BORING it is to watch something like Halo on social media vs. something like Warzone, APEX or even Valorant etc.)


I’ve seen some spicy takes, but this is one of the spicier ones.

I disagree with the overall sentiment though. The game was billed as a return-to-form of sorts for the franchise, and that alone catapulted it to a relevance unseen since its golden days a decade and a half ago, beating out the likes of its top competitors (CoD and BF) by favoring mechanics that you suggest actually “hurt” the experience.

But as with the general sentiment of ‘players prefer a low skill floor’, I gotta point squarely in the direction of Counter Strike who’s gameplay has boldly retained a high skill floor for the better part of 2 decades and is quietly (with the help of open statistics) the top played PC FPS title.

Halo Infinite dwindled for a variety of reasons under the banner of “overall quality”, not because the gameplay was ‘too tough’, ‘univiting’ or skill floor was too high.


If it’s spicy, let it be spicy.

The Arena Shooter and Halo killed the Sim/Tactical Shooter, and CoD (then Hero Shooters) killed the Arena Shooter and Halo - then Battle Royale drove the final nails in. Until people learn to accept this they won’t be able to move on.

We just wait and see what finally overtakes and kills the Battle Royale (maybe we’ll circle back to Sims/Tactical shooters being King again?).

And Counter-Strike has two advantages; it runs on a freaking graphing calculator, and it actually has a low skill floor; performing well is very hard, yes. Performing well enough to get those dopamine hits and clip-moments?

Very easy, especially in non-traditional gametypes (EX: Deathmatch).


I do have to agree with OP on this. My basis of research, granted a small pool of “data” would be my kiddo and his buddies. They all tried halo because it was free, played it a few nights and then went back to other games. They like warzone, Fortnite, rocket league, Valorant. They just thought halo was boring & something the older generation plays. sob I’m old. Halo will always have a soft spot in my heart because I grew up playing the games. Yet to the younger generation, they don’t care much for it it seems like. Who knows maybe the new br mode will bring in players. Or maybe as they age they’ll progress more into arena shooters. Heck, they even liked Vanguard more than Infinite :’(


Lol tell that to Ubisoft and their Golden Child Rainbow Six Siege.


Siege is legit just CoD’s Search and Destroy crossed over with a Hero Shooter. It’s not a tactical shooter except in that you don’t move quickly for most Ops.


That has nothing to do with the fact that it is a 7 year old game that has more relevance than Halo currently does.


As we knew Halo, it is dead because 343 absolutely killed the concept of if trying to attract none Halo fans. Game play can only go so far knowing Infinite is nowhere near a complete game, and it’s going to be years before that happens. Who the hell wants to wait for years for a business to complete what they stared as beta to be an actual game???

Most will drop this beta like a bad habit and play games that are actually completed.


You have no idea what you’re talking about. You may be intelligent, but you certainly have no wisdom on the truth of the matter.

When a new game, to a long established series, is widely understood to be extremely disappointing and missing core features of the tried-and-true experience, it’s not the franchise’s fault, it’s the devs who made the new shi**y game.

If Halo was made in the way it was supposed to be made, it would be widely popular.


When the game has literally nothing to do, to the degree that even old fans are bi**hing, then under what circumstances could a new player be introduced to the game and actually enjoy it?

Fortnite, Valorant, and all those other popular games have tons of content and replayability.

You play Halo Infinite’s BTB mode once on each map, you’ve experienced all there is to experience. You play all the maps for arena, and you’ve experienced all there is to see. It’s an extremely shallow experience that no Halo in the past has ever had.

Even the campaign is unattractive by virtue of there being no co-op or mission select.

I imagine if the copied everyone else and made a BR mode that it will fail because those incompetent fools at 343 would fail in every regard to make it worth playing.

TLDR; Halo Infinite has no content, so why would a new player ever be impressed? There’s a reason OG halo was extremely popular.


OP . . .
Imma be real with you.

This is a blindfold you chose to wear.

Halo Infinite had a great start, but it declined BECAUSE of the fact that it is such an empty experience.
If I boot up Halo 3 without any DLC, it has more to offer than Halo Infinite.

It is not only a lack of content that has shunted Halo Infinite down, but is the lack of basic content.
The story is incomplete.
Co-Op is only now being added soon.
The mulitplayer map roster is bare minimum and bland.
The weapons sandbox shallow in comparison to what we had over a decade before.
The microtransactions are very consumer unfriendly and the events are just the game-modes we have had for two decades being returned.
Forge is slated to be added later on and from the leaks, the fans will be able to solve the lackluster maps issue with ease.

Halo Infinite isn’t dying because Halo is dying.
Halo Infinite is dying because it fails to keep up with the status quo of the previous games.
It is the same reason why Halo 4 died so fast - It didn’t match expectations and failed to meet base requirements.


??? So you’ve ignored the facts that 343 hasn’t made a single good game, Bungie’s Halo’s literally revolutionized console, multiplayer, and competitive video game championships, 343’s neglect and insults to Halo fans, and the fact that their “Halo’s” barely resemble anything that Bungie made?

How in the bloody hell is DOOM still popular when its over 25 years old? It started out as an 8bit shooter that almost shut down the video game industry for being so violent and yet it was rebooted by the same company that made it and now its very popular with its original fanbase and even made a new one. Same with R6Siege, still kicking since 2015 and it went through even worse controversies for just being a laggy and boring game. We got CoD which has been around for roughly the same amount of time as Halo yet makes millions a day while Infinite has been completely forgotten.

You make no sense. You 343 fans always blame either us or Halo for 343’s failures.


Lmao, nah bud. Its the lack of content thats the biggest issue. People are bored, and rightfully so.

I took a two month long break from this game after season 2 released and the game is pretty much the exact same as it was when i stopped.

Thats downright pathetic for a live service game.


The latest Halo games aren’t doing so well because of 343 Studios’ poor performance… it has nothing to do with the franchise itself, how difficult the game is or even the players. Halo has become far too inconsistent with 343 at the helm, and it really struggles to find it’s identity with every game that is released. 343 has made each of their Halo games different from one another, and in doing so they lost the true direction they wanted to take the Halo story and it’s multiplayer.

With Infinite, it seems 343 finally found or stumbled upon a gameplay style they wanted to stick with after a few attempts, but they tarnished it by gutting the career progression and forcing the multiplayer to evolve around the in-game store. Even more aggressively than the previously disliked REQ packs from Halo 5. Then the game was launched without vital parts like Co-Op, Forge, Customs browser, and a bunch of playlists and game modes, but 343 never learns from their past mistakes… they never innovate, they never improve… They aren’t even optimistic with their own work, they have no confidence in telling us things will be ready on time… They are just as “hopeful” as we are… how the fudge is that suppose to make us feel? “Yeah dude, I know I made this product but I’m just as upset with it as you are…” Wow… okay, so why did you continue to sell it and tell us everything was perfectly fine before launch?


Man, the only reason my friends and I aren’t playing Infinite, is because we got sick of the same old few maps after 500 - 1000 matches, the desync is super annoying, the challenge system is toxic, the store prices are criminal, and the gameplay is about as uninspired sterile hypergeneric arena shooter as you can get. It’s bad because it’s NOT Halo enough.

I didn’t spend the last 20 years playing Halo because I don’t like Halo. It had always been fun, even 4 and 5, but not Infinite. It’s such a corporate snorefest and with the lag and challenges, its aggravating to play, since you die for dumb reasons, and your team is useless just focusing on challenges.

I miss all the crazy weapons, hilarious physics, massive unique and interesting maps, and fun game modes. Playing Halo was always about having fun and laughing with friends. Halo Infinite is about grinding and spending money, and getting angry at everything all the time

I hate almost every aspect of SPECIFICALLY Halo Infinite. Also the Campaign sucks and Grapple spamming imo is what made it worse. I could play any other Halo Campaign dozens of times, especially 3 and Reach.

Infinite just sucks because it sucks. It’s that simple.
343 isn’t trying to make a fun new Halo better than ever before. They’re making a shop, an HCS showcase, and sponsorships. This game is a giant money printer advertisement more than it is a game.


To me, it is both.
There is an audience that wants an arena shooter. Sure its niche, but it is there. And there is a power vacuum. The #1 request for doom eternal was for deathmatch. There had been so many botched attempts, and Halo Infinite was the closest to breaking the cycle. But sadly here we are.

I think Halo Infinite is in a state where

  1. They made an arena shooter that is failing to appeal to those outside of the genre
  2. Aren’t playing to Halo’s innate strengths as an arena shooter to retain that niche audience.

Halo Infinite could have done better if the game was ready for it and they kept it simple. It was advertised as a return to form. Except the only thing that returned was the base gameplay and nothing to keep people playing.

I doubt Halo Infinite would have kept the same numbers as COD or Fortnite for exactly as you said, but it can barely keep the rest of us hanging on 8 months later. I want to play infinite, I like it. But I came to the forums to vent my frustration and maybe offer some means to fix it, even if it just goes out into the void. It didn’t die because the game is Halo. It died because 343 just can’t seem to make it come back as Halo.

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Okay. But I was a fairly decent player at Halo 3, Reach, and 4. Not quite a general in H3 but I really hit my skill stride in Reach. I had over 60 matchmake perfections. Over 15 in Halo 4, which I didn’t play nearly as much (had the Contoured Shatter arms to prove it).

And I don’t like Halo 4, 5, and am having a really hard time liking Infinite. Is it because I’m bad? Well I do feel worse at Infinite than I was back in the day, but that’s pretty much a given when you have barely touched a franchise since 2014. I’m not as good at classic Halo games in MCC than I was back then either, but I still like them plenty. I’d argue I’m still much better at them than I am at Infinite.

What I don’t like is that the whole pace of the game feels off. Halo Infinite in general, even in it’s most casual playlists, feels like a constant sweat fest. Which I attribute to the raw power of the AR in this game. It’s so strong, and precision weapons are so finicky, that I’m left completely vulnerable after every encounter. Even scoring a perfect 7 tap with the Sidekick or 4 shot with the BR (if the AR’s faster killtime over the latter doesn’t get me) doesn’t leave me with enough health to comfortably deal with a second player.

Grenades feel completely free as well. Reach had the same problem, with bouncing aim assist, but Infinite cranked it up to 11.

And to top it all off the feel of aiming has felt completely off since launch. Even when I’m just looking around the map it never feels like my camera is moving the way it should, the way it does in other FPS games or even other Halo games. There’s a weirdness to it, the way it accelerates, the way it handles vertical movement ECT. I’ve done some adjustments to settings to make it feel better but even with those changes it still doesn’t feel right. The changes to how aim assist works fundamentally doesn’t help either, there’s no longer a “focussed zone” around an enemy player where your reticle slows down and tugs to give you a sense of their movement. Now that only happens when you’re already on-target so you need to get your aim on-point at max sensitivity and if your reticle comes off the target for even a microsecond you rocket back to full sensitivity again. That issue is compounded by how tiny a lot of reticles are. The AR feels relatively comfortable to aim because it’s reticle is still pretty large, but the Sidekick, Commando, and BR have the smallest reticles they’ve ever had, so that “focus zone” is made even smaller by the requirement to already have reticle lock.

There are underlying mechanics, subtle ones, that make this game not hard to play, but uncomfortable to play. And then the weapon balance is so strange for a Halo title in part because the AR was given too much power for it’s ease of use, and in part because of the weirdness with reticle movement and aim assist mechanics.

The game looks like Halo, and it’s rules and surface level mechanics play like Halo. But it’s deeper, less immediately apparent mechanics don’t feel like Halo.


it died because 343 sensed it wasn’t able to generate enough money and simply walked away from it possibly so that they can try again at another stage

People’s feeling on any matters of this are entirely ignored by them because they feel the brand is strong enough to survive that but it seems a fairly naïve approach considering a lot of people this time really are done with series including myself

Unless of course they just want the franchise dead which is what I personally think and why MS has thrown no recourses at the thing. At the very least keep fans happy as you ensure a healthy following for your game but they’ve seemingly gone out of their way to annoy and disappoint fans in many ways

At this point I’m scratching my head as to why anyone would think Infinite has received even adequate support but I think people need to ask themselves if Halo as a franchise deserves this exceptionally low effort from the developers and MS

Overall the whole thing is very odd thing and then you throw in the equally tragic tv series which just seems to confirm that they really don’t like both the fans or the franchise itself. Utterly bizarre

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Ranked Slayer and Team Doubles are why all of my friends have quit. I love objective games and have come to like them but they take so much more skill and understanding to be good at, which goes back to the original posters point. To be good, it gets very detail orientated.

I haven’t played video games in 10 years. As a 16-18 year old I probably would have not liked being forced into the current ranked playlist. I smashed in H3 to a 50 in ranked slayer and team doubles and could play over and over again with friends or randoms because it doesn’t take as much teamwork to win.

With the objective playlist, it’s hard to solo it and not get raged if you get a string of bad teammates. Nothing is more tilting then watching a guy spawn for a perfect oddball cross and then they abandon it. There are nights I want to play but none of my friends are on so I don’t hop on. The gameplay mechanics are a little more complex but game theory/knowledge to be good is extremely high in this game.

Couple this with low content, bugs, and delayed everything. It’s just hard for people to stay interested. I might also add the ranking system is confusing and sort of trash the way it rewards and takes and this frustrates casual gamers who can’t decipher it and instead of feeling rewarded. They feel robbed

Infinite suffers from alot of problems other games don’t though, especially desync and stability, 2 things which will literally make or break a game.

Couple this with Halo’s shield system, it will really make it feel like your shots don’t matter, and this is very bad player experience.

But regarding OP’s post, I feel there is some truth.

The thing here to consider is this:
Younger Generations have very low attention span, so their shooters are all built the same way.

  1. Shoot mode (ADS)
  2. Go mode (Sprint and Slide)

Unfortunately Halo isn’t built that way, you’re supposed to shoot and move at the same time. But the few youngins who do pick this up would actually like Halo more than other shooters which only emphasise on twitching and running away. And camping. The camping in modern shooters is unreal compared to 2000s shooters.

In 10 years time, I think we’ll see something new for shooters where I think I’ll call “Tiktok Shooters” since the kids who use Tiktok will have destroyed their attention span completely. It will be semi rail type shooter where they only strafe left and right with boosters while they focus on firing their gun.