Infinite... I want to love you but how?

Halo infinite has so much potential but it has so many flaws. I seriously want to love this game but i can’t … right now.

The love that it needs -

  • More maps (Seasonal maps : heroes of reach - where are the reach maps)
  • More weapons (fuel rod, grenade launcher, needler rifle and so on)
  • A social progression system (like halo reach, mcc or halo 5) - i miss this
  • More BR - BTB needs it and so does social
  • Nerf AR : it’s way too strong (nerf range, ROF and add vertical recoil)
  • The store is way to pricey
  • Needs a PVE mode like firefight, spartan ops or something new
  • Remove the Red outlines at range (very annoying to be spotted so easily)
  • More vehicles (where are all the vehicles… “Mantis i miss you”)
  • Dynamic map elements (what happened to maps having cool triggers that caused cool things to happen like shooting a stalactite or buttons that activated bridges)
  • Region Select (i dont want to play anyone outside the US)
  • Party matching (searching and matching based on party size)
  • More Gamemodes (where is extraction, dominion, ricochet and assault)
  • Better hit registration (weird getting shot through walls)
  • Better UI : The Interfaced needs a lot of work
  • Post game and pregame lobbies
  • Veto system
  • Party up with randoms after a match (at the end of games hit “party up” to group up

I’ll add more but this is what this game needs to be amazing. Some changes not as important but others are crucial to the longevity of this game


No thanks, it’s finally a weapon that can compete. Why make it useless again like it was in past titles?

Rest of the list is good though :+1:

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I get what your saying, but when I get out gunned by an AR when I am getting perfect headshots at midrange its a little much.


Sounds to me like your headshots are less than perfect.

cant stand the AR its either too good or not good enough, bc desync every match the weapons in this iteration are too damn inconsistent

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It makes sense to be as strong as it is in every past title, the AR has never been useless, at least not in MP.

In Halo CE: it was extremely deadly in close range.
In Halo 2: it was replaced by the SMG
In halo 3: it got more range but a low ttk, still faster ttk in the right range.
Halo reach: it got more range and can be controlled easier at long range due to bloom
Halo 4: I think basically like reachs but more powerful, is completely braindead in the right ranges
Halo 5: gained the ability to ADS and do headshot damage, control spread through burst via bloom, but it can still be outgunned by the BR and Magnum in close range, it was more of an ease of use gun than the magnum, which had a faster TTK at peak performance I think. (Which is good because the magnum is harder to use)

Right now In infinite it outguns the commando and BR in like every situation, it can win 1v1s against the sidekick if they whiff like a shot or two, with relative ease.
You can basically cross map with it if you have a second teammate shooting with you, if you enter a Mid-long range fight against 2 and they have the AR and you have a BR it’s not worth peeking at all because it will laser you if there’s 2 people.

The AR has always been a gun that’s useful in the correct positions, or completely braindead in the correct position.

In infinites iteration, it’s just braindead.


You got to be -Yoink!- me

yeah the kill times with the AR is pretty fast and with the headshot modifier it makes it way easier to finish off the kill while their shields are down

This Halo is the first one I don’t look forward to playing everyday. Its sad.


Even when i got Halo 5 I loved it at first…

I feel the same way beast. It really sucks