Infinite hitmarkers sounds!!!! 🔊

Audio Hitmarkers in Halo infinite

Hitmarkers are not going away anytime soon and I’ve made my peace with visual hitmarkers even though I would like them to be tonned down a bit. Nothing sould obscure the reticle and that big Red X is just annoying to me but one thing that irritates me more is "audio hitmarkers"

When we got to see the Halo infinite multiplayer gameplay I was like yes great this looks so good… and then i heard it! and when you do thats all you can hear. I genuinely got disappointed thinking ah well guess im gonna have to deal with this thing again. Having a constant notification of “clicking/dingging” is unnecessary every time you shoot your weapon and your shots land and that stupid hiccup/pop kill sound is awful. When you get a kill hearing that hiccup/pop is unsatisfactory and gimmicky.
We already have so many visual hitmarkers having audio hitmarkers is too much.

I want to hear the gameplay. 343 worked so hard on making the sounds for infinite we all remember the pug dog and all that time and effort with the Halo infinite | Audio field Recordings it would irritate me so much if it all was muffled under the loud audio hitmarkers.

At the very least
Have it as an option you can turn off and tone down visual and for audio hitmarkers. Id rather have the sounds of guns firing, loud explosions, seeing the enemys shield flaring while blood sprays as I win a shootout and hear the death call of my falling enemy and the ONLY audio notification I want to hear is DOUBLE KILL id rather have these than having all of those sounds and visuals obscured and softly mutted over by irrigating visual/audio hitmarkers

Lets have a poll
Im sure that there are people who like it and there are some like me who dont and others who dont bother with something as minor as this. I would like to know and hear your opinions not your angery rants or offensive nonsense.
So lets have a vote

Type X
For No audio hitmarkers and your reasons why

Type O
For Yes audio hitmarkers and your reasons why


You’re a hero Raw Geansai
Thank god there are others who feel the same way…

The sound design of Halo 5 is just one of the many reasons why Halo 5 was the first game in the series I never played. It makes me cringe hearing the headshot pop, the sound when medals appear on screen, the hitmarker sounds themselves etc

The thing that infuriates me about it, is that it’s so ridiculously superfluous and unnecessary. How many times have you played one of the classic Halo games and thought “hmmm, you know what this game needs? a whole bunch of obnoxious audio cues when you shoot someone!”…I can say safely zero occasions. I’d much rather let the game breathe a bit and listen to the sounds of gunfire, the announcer, the death screams etc…these are the sounds which form the fundamental gameplay loop anyway, so they shouldn’t be undermined by an array of audio cues layered on top of them. For me it represents a ‘dumbing down’ trend in mutliplayer games, where the player is deemed to need every little bit of information spoon fed to them. We are better than that, and it’s time 343 realized it.