Infinite has the worst spawns in the industry!

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game with spawns this bad. There is no legit reason two or three enemy’s should spawn with you while caping a stronghold point. Especially when you have two other teammates caping the point with you.

I’m not sure what has changed but I feel as if the spawns have gotten worse in recent weeks. I’ve consistently spawned either in the line of sight of an enemy or on the complete opposite side of the map from my grouped up teammates.

Obviously behemoth has the worst spawns of any map. But slayer spawns just make slayer almost unplayable. It’s not even about having map control anymore. I’ve literally witnessed enemy players spawn within inches from myself and another teammate. I’ve gone back in theater to even confirm and it just feels as if something has changed from when Infinite released back in November.

Has anyone else noticed or feel like something with the spawn system has changed? What’s your guys opinions on the current spawn system and what changes would you like to see?

“Worst in the industry” is a stretch, but the spawns can be very, very awful indeed.